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Minecraft Competition Goes Down Under

The Sydney Opera House is not only one of the world’s most incredible pieces of architecture, but home to a beautifully diverse range of plays and concerts. However, on July 2nd and 3rd, this Australian icon will be the host of a new form of entertainment – one that couldn’t be any more different than the strings and brass instruments which usually grace the floor – and that’s Minecraft.

The live event is open for competitors and spectators alike, in which gamers will craft, fight, and no doubt mine their way to be named the champion. Other than the digital spectacle itself, Minecrafters also have the chance to hear a talk from two employees from the games’ developer, Mojang. Jens Bergensten (lead developer) and Lydia Winters (brand director) will hit the stage to share their vast knowledge of Minecraft tips and tricks, as well as answer fan questions.

If the live gameplay and appearance of Bergensten and Winters weren’t enough, Minecraft lovers can also simply hang out and relax in the Play Zone, and there will even be a ‘Best Dressed’ award given to the person wearing the greatest outfit of a recognizable Minecraft character.

Why is Minecraft So Popular?

The competition in Sydney this July proves just how much Minecraft has conquered the world. In a time where video games have an urgency to be as dark, violent, and likelife as possible, Minecraft shines like a beacon as a contrast to everything else with its blocky and colorful graphics. Put simply, nothing has, or perhaps ever will, come close to doing what Minecraft does: pure, unadulterated fun.

It’s not just the enjoyable gameplay and ability to create whatever’s on your mind where Minecraft shines, it’s also the community aspect. With millions upon millions of Minecrafters playing every day, this is a game which thrives because of its fans’ loyal devotion. Playing online with your friends is easier than ever, and the amount of game mods and self-made worlds is quite staggering. Everything from Middle-Earth to the city of Chicago has been recreated within the ones and zeros of Minecraft’s software.

What’s fascinating regarding Minecraft’s rise to the top is its use as an educational tool in the classroom. Geometry, history, geology, architecture, and problem-solving techniques have all been given as reasons for why many schools across the world have included a Minecraft lesson in their curriculum. Sure, not everyone is onboard with the idea of computer games at school, but there’s no denying that Minecraft is a surefire way to get kids interested in certain topics in ways that a book never could. There are even summer camps devoted to learning coding skills via Minecraft. It seems there is no way to avoid the blocky world.

Where Minecraft Can Go From Here

In a word? Everywhere. It’s already playable on pretty much every major platform (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, iOS, Android, PC, Mac), so they’ve already conquered that realm. Lego Worlds was reportedly the one game which had the potential to dethrone Minecraft, yet that was an undeniable failure from many game reviewers. There’s even a movie in the works, although much isn’t known about the story, it’s confirmed that it will be released in 2019 and feature Steve Carell.

One major question on the lips of every Minecraft fan is what Mojang will do next. Will there ever be a Minecraft 2? Or will the developers be content with simply upgrading and tweaking their current product? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure, there really isn’t a need for any sequel just yet. Since being released in 2011, Minecraft has gone from strength to strength, and where it can go from here is anyone’s guess. There is no doubt competition in online computer gaming from titles like League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and World of Warcraft, but if your goal is to wander around digital lands, build structures that could never exist in the real world, fight off zombies at night, and dig until you can dig no more, then Minecraft is your game.

So, until the day comes which Minecraft could potentially have a title to rival its gameplay, millions around the world will continue to revel in its distinctiveness and splendor. Go get your pickaxe and start playing!