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Zabuza Labs Launches Marathi Shabdakode – The World’s First Marathi Crossword Game For Mobile

“The nice thing about doing a crossword puzzle is, you know there is a solution.” – Stephen Sondheim

Zabuza Labs, a game development company from Nashik, known for its popular titles like Balloon Bow & Arrow & Dahi Handi Knock Down, has launched the world’s first ever Marathi Crossword (Shabdakode) for mobile.

You are given different letters/parts of Marathi words and you have to join them in such a way that they form the intended word. The game provides hints in the top right corner, which will help you identify what word it is.

The game has been already loaded with 50 puzzles that goes on on harder every level, and the colorful graphics and sound effects will engage you for hours.

Out of the growing team of creative Zabuzers, Marathi Shabdakode has been developers by – Manas Gajare, Lalit Bhavsar, Ankita Zambre, Ahmed Saudagar, Deepak Srivastav & Designer Madhura Wadwalkar.

Zabuza Labs Team

Manas Gajare, CEO of Zabuza Labs said, “As everything is going digital, we are losing focus on some of the most classic games, and natives are losing touch with the Marathi language. This puzzle game genre, is one of the oldest form of enriching your vocabulary, and with our Marathi Crossword Game, users will now be able to solve crossword on the Android smartphones.”

The game is currently available on Google Play Store, and the team is planning to launch the iOS and the Windows Phone Version in coming months.

Marathi Crossword (Shabdakode) Gameplay

Following video by team Zabuza Labs will give you a brief overview of 4 of the 50 levels of this game!

Download  Marathi Shabdakode (Crossword) Game

Download ‘Marathi Shabdakode (Crossword)’ Game