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Is It Better to Bet on Virtual Sports or Esports?

Betting on Virtual Sports vs. Esports

When people hear about betting on virtual sports, they assume that someone is talking about esports. The opposite may also happen, where a friend mentions that they are placing bets on virtual sports. You may assume they are talking about esports such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike.

Even though these two industries may be very similar in concept, they are entirely different.

Below is an explanation of virtual sports vs. esports, along with a comparison between betting on both of them.

What are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports are some of the most unusual games you could watch, if you have no experience with these games. A virtual sport is not necessarily a video game, but it looks like one.

When you play video games, there are human people who are controlling the virtual players. Someone is using a controller or keyboard to move around their players, while they may be using a mouse to take aim and shoot.

MGM virtual sports are entirely AI operated and reliant on RNG (random number generation). Everything is AI-controlled, which means that no human has an impact on the result.

If you think the results of virtual sports games are random, you would be mistaken. These results are based on the stats of various players that go into the RNG system. Depending on those stats and how one team matches up against another, results are very possible to predict.

Esports Explained

Esports are various games played on computers, gaming consoles, or smartphones, where humans control the virtual players or teams. Types of esports include League of Legends, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, and much more.

There are some esports that focus on real sports, such as football, soccer, hockey, basketball, and car racing. For instance, the annual iteration of FIFA games from EA Sports has an esports mode, where competitive players take each other on and attempt to qualify for regional and worldwide tournaments.

If you are betting on esports, you are betting on the skill level of the person who is controlling the team. With most esports, the virtual characters are nearly identical. Even in esports that resemble real sports, players would have access to all the best virtual characters, meaning team quality is nearly irrelevant.

What matters is the skill of each person, which is why betting on esports can be such an enjoyable experience.

Betting on Virtual Sports

One of the biggest advantages of betting on virtual sports is that a game is always taking place. Whether you are waking up at 6am in New York City, or you are ready to go to bed in San Francisco, you can find a game that is happening right now.

Everything is computer generating, starting from player stats to team composition to leagues to entire divisions. There are so many different sports that inspire these virtual games, which means that every sports fan can find their ideal virtual sport.

Say you are a huge fan of basketball. Perhaps you would want to place bets on virtual basketball games, where the AI-controlled versions of the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics would battle.

Betting on these games can be fun, but you are missing the human element. Everything is about RNG, which can take away a lot of the personality from the action. You are not rooting for a specific player or even a team, but statistically analyzing who is more likely to win a given virtual contest.

Esports Gambling

The popularity of esports gambling has gone up immensely over the past year, partially due to the global pandemic. When several months passed in 2020 with little to no sports taking place around the world, people started learning about esports.

Whether you are watching esports athletes on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or another platform, you can see them playing various games throughout the day. Betting on these games is easy, but you will have to wait for specific tournaments to take place.

Some of these competitions involve a lot of stakes, with huge prize money on the line. The number of bets on a given game can be huge, depending on the esport.

Even though everything is happening virtually through a gaming console or computer, esports are a lot more fun to experience than virtual sports.

If you have been a long time fan of esports, you may have some favorite athletes as well. These are esports players who have followed for many years, which is why betting on them at various tournaments would be a lot of fun.

Which to Choose?

If you love watching virtual sports, even if no humans are involved, then virtual sports betting may be right for you. Those who do enjoy watching video games and esports, but do so because of the humans who are controlling those players, then esports betting is right up your alley.

Use a Trustworthy Betting Site

When you are placing bets on any game, whether it is a real sports match, esports, or virtual sports, you must do so through a reputable gambling site.

Only a licensed, legal betting site is trustworthy, as you should not be providing your payment details to any disreputable companies. When you find a reliable site, you will have peace of mind while placing bets on various games. Not only are you watching the virtual action, but the reactions of the real people who are controlling those video game players.