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How to Play 4 Variations of Roulette

Roulette is one of the single most well-known casino games in the world. Everyone knows the iconic image of that spinning wheel slowing to an eventual stop as a well-dressed casino employee calls out the winning number. Even with very little chance to take control of your fate in this game, it has still become one of the most well-known casino games around.

With all that fame and attention, it is barely any wonder that, over time, roulette began to gain variations and modifications. However, this means there are even more versions of the iconic game out there, and this article aims to highlight a handful of these games and explain how to play them.

Why Roulette Has Variations

The variations in roulette came about for a variety of reasons. Some were the result of regional differences in the game, giving rise to variations such as American Roulette. However, others, like double ball roulette, are a result of innovation upon the original concept. These variations in roulette help to keep the game interesting and fun to engage with.

Because of that, high-quality casinos such as often provide access to multiple versions of online roulette in order to appeal to a wider range of audiences and cover some of the more interesting versions of an extremely well-loved game.

Fortunately, most variations of roulette are easy to understand, should you have the inclination.

1. American roulette

The most well-known of all roulette varieties, American roulette is as basic as it comes. Just one little white ball, spinning around the wheel until it comes to rest in a numbered and colored space.

No mess. No-fuss. Just simple and understandable fun.

2. Double Ball Roulette

Originally an experiment run by casinos in Vegas, double ball roulette innovates on the original by tossing another little white ball into the mix. The hope was that the additional ball would boost excitement in the game and help to keep players interested. It seemed to work, too, since you can still find this style of roulette in a fair few casinos, so long as you know where to look.

3. Multi-Wheel Roulette

One of the most fascinating variations of roulette you are likely to find, multi-wheel roulette takes the baton from double ball roulette and hurls it out of the park.

In multi-wheel roulette, you spin up to 8 wheels at once, placing a single bet for every wheel. You are allowed to select which wheels are active when you start the game. This version of roulette is pretty much exclusively found in online casinos, given that you’d be hard-pressed to find that many wheels in a single land-based casino.

4. Rapid Roulette

Finally, rapid roulette was spawned, initially, out of the house’s desire to turn a more significant profit from their roulette wheels. The idea was simple, create a roulette wheel that goes through games faster, and that will mean that the house is able to turn a larger profit over a shorter period of time.