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Emerging Technology Being Used by Online Casinos

Technology is constantly evolving year after year and the online casino industry is highly competitive and constantly looking for new and emerging technology to stay ahead of their competition. Emerging technology is experimental and online casinos have always adopted new technology before other industries, such as gamification, cloud gaming, improved gameplay, and blockchain. Many of these online casinos also give bonuses that allow you to take advantage of their technology through their gameplay, many of which are available through this link, and all have been reviewed by Casino Reviews, so quality is guaranteed. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you have to invest in the latest technology to improve the experience for your customers. There is a new technology frontier that a lot of online casinos are starting to explore and this article will list some of them.


Wearable technology is electronic devices that you can wear on your head, eyes, or your wrist. These technological devices are smaller versions of smartphones or tablets and they allow you to do many things including play online casino games. This technology offers players a life-like experience as well as hands-free gaming. There are many types of devices available including:

  • Smartglasses: These are glasses with an advanced interface and function like smartphones with LCD projection that allows players to use mobile apps, access GPS and many more. Smartglasses are illegal in land-based casinos but could be used to play real money slots. They offer players a real casino experience.
  • Smartwatches: These devices can sometimes be used to play casino games. The smartwatch has developed more features including apps that allow players to play games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and slots. Smartwatches can also be connected to a wireless device.
  • Smart rings: A smart ring is a ring that fits on your finger and allows you to do things such as send emails using Bluetooth. This device can be used with other devices when playing casino games online.

Wearables make online gambling more portable which is the direction that it is going in the future.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition software is a facial recognition technology that can match a human face from a particular image or video frame against a database of many other faces. It is mainly used to authenticate users and works to measure and pinpoint facial features from an image. Facial recognition uses biometrics to map out a person’s facial features that are captured in an image or video and that information is compared to a database of many images. Facial recognition improves security and it detects and prevents crime.


Virtual reality and augmented reality technology are rapidly expanding. Virtual reality allows casino players to put themselves in a casino environment without having to leave their homes and this is done by using a headset that can depict a 3D casino environment where users can enjoy slots and table games. Augmented reality technology differs from Virtual reality by not creating a 3D environment but rather augmenting the existing experience of an online casino. Augmented reality technology will let online casinos merge their gaming experience with a physical casino environment and in the future, there might not be a difference between online casinos and the experience of a physical casino in terms of the atmosphere.


Casinos are starting to use blockchain technology which is a system of recording information in such a way that it is difficult or even impossible to hack, change or cheat the system. How it works is that blockchain copies and spreads information across a network of computers instead of storing it in a central location. Blockchain technology protects the casino and the player and makes transactions more secure. You also get crypto casinos which are an online casino that accepts crypto tokens. Crypto casinos allow you to explore sports betting, online lotteries and spread betting demonstrating how different they are from typical casinos.

Technology is the driving force of our modern society and if the industry does not adapt to the latest technology and implement it in the way that they do business, they will get left behind and lose out to their competition. One of the reasons online casinos are so successful is because they make sure they are on top of the latest technology, from wearables to facial recognition to AR/VR and even blockchain and cryptocurrency.