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Close this search box. And Its Advantages

If you just took on playing CS:GO, you will have observed that players have different skins for their weapons. Needless to say, you’ve started to wonder where they took those from and the answer to that is really simple: they’ve gambled for them.

The Internet isn’t scarce on item-gambling sites, but you should watch out because more than half of them are there to take your money and return nothing of value. In this light, our recommendation for a reliable and feasible betting site is

This website will give you the chance to win stylish skins every time and will offer the opportunity to sell them to other people on the website, without any 3rd parties.

Payment Methods & Cases

You can pay for cases with Skrill, Bitcoin, Skinpay, Visa, Neteller, and Mastercard. And speaking of cases, if you’re angling for variety, you will have a huge surprise once you visit the site.

There are so many item cases that you’ll have difficulties in making up your mind as to which you should gamble on. The good news is that regardless of how inexpensive it is, your chances of getting a skin that’s pricier than your initial investment are extremely high.

Other websites will get rid of the ugliest skins that nobody would ever want by enforcing them on you and pretending that bad luck is to be blamed, not their overt foul play.

Deposit Bonuses, Discounts, and Immediate Item Withdrawal

Every time you make a deposit of over $25, you will be getting a generous discount. For $25, for instance, which is 2,700 coins, you’ll get an 8% bonus. The bonus can reach 10% (for $50) and 15% for $100, respectively.

Discounts are offered on a regular basis as yet another means of incentivizing players worldwide to gamble safely on state-of-the-art skins that will make some jaws drop. Another perk – one of the most important ones, from our standpoint – is the immediate withdrawal of the items you’ll be winning. Once you’ve won a skin, it’s yours to take in the next instance.

Winning Rate

Some website owners saw that naive players are a good source of profit, so they’ve tweaked their platforms to have a low winning rate, in the hope that players would get angry and they’ll make even more deposits. gives equal chances of winning to all the players, no matter how large their deposits are. Clearly, sometimes you’ll have bad luck, but that won’t be as frequent as to make you scream in desperation.

The platform is transparent, and it has gained a reputation that it wouldn’t dare crack by robbing players blind every single time they make a decision.


You can be a new player or one that’s played Counter Strike ever since it first hit the market – doesn’t care for how long you’ve been “in business”, so to speak. Subsequently, your professionalism won’t have any influence on your winning rate.

What could we say apart from the fact that we recommend this platform left and right? If you want a high winning rate, transparency in payment and numerous incentives, don’t seek any further.