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Best Online Games To Make Money (2022)

Are you searching for the top Indian video games that pay well? We all enjoy playing video games when we’re bored. Games may be a terrific stress relief, helping the brain to deal with the surrounding bustle in a fun and engaging way, whether we are waiting for a friend to join us at a café or riding a train during our commute. Video games offer a surreal escape from the everyday grind, whether its slaying zombies, winning games, or working together online with partners.

Mobile games are without a doubt a great source of fun and pleasure. But did you know that playing video games can earn you money? Yes, you did read that right. In this day and age when everything is online and we do everything on our phones, why not look into some of those?

The days of merely playing games for fun are over. Now you can enjoy playing while still earning money doing what you love! That’s a fantastic way to get extra money while having a great time doing it. It makes a lot of sense to investigate this possibility further and see if you can begin making money for your gaming prowess because it’s fairly uncommon to be compensated for doing something you enjoy. Following are the top online games we’ve found on BCI and sorted it based on our experience.

Top 7 Online Games to Make Some Cash

1. Junglee Rummy 

The most reputable rummy website, with over 30 million registered users who routinely play on the website or app, is Junglee Rummy.  The platform offers a top-notch gaming experience with upgraded features and solid security infrastructure. 

It provides users with a range of competitions and other chances to win money in real-time. It offers varieties of rummy using 13 cards, 10 cards, and even 21 cards in the form of points, deals, and pool rummy. All players in this money making game have an equal chance to prove their rummy skills thanks to the usage of contemporary technologies.


 2. Twin Casino

One of the top websites for playing online games to make money in India is Twin Casino. The new players will earn a 40,000 welcome bonus on this wonderful website, which offers a huge selection of games. A wide variety of table games and live casino games, some of which have high limit possibilities, are also available at Twin Casino. The real money games are prominently shown in their respective categories, and this website is fantastic for high rollers who enjoy playing live casino games because it offers so many VIP rooms.


3. Playerz Pot

You may play the top money making games in India on the PlayerzPot App, an online fantasy sports platform, and participate in fantasy leagues to make real money.  It is a venue for gamers who want to demonstrate their in-depth understanding of the game and critical thinking skills.

Players on Playerz Pot, which boasts more than 3 million members, must use their knowledge and analytical skills to win games.There are also a tonne of different options available to you, such as fantasy basketball, kabaddi, hockey, and cricket, which all provide a variety of leagues and tournaments for you to participate in.  To compete against your loved ones, you may even set up private leagues. In order to give its users the best possible experience, PlayerzPot follows all industry standards, operating processes, and protocols.  PlayerzPot is a Bronze member of the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG), according to their recognition.


4. 10Cric

10Cric is India’s top online sportsbook and a fantastic online casino, offering literally thousands of different casino games. In addition to classic casino games, 10Cric also provides a live casino environment where you can play against trained dealers. This website is renowned for its promotions, which feature free slots and weekly incentives for important sporting events. Popular Indian card games are available in the online casino section of 10Cric, along with support for Indian money and payment methods.

This platform, which offers a wide selection of live casinos including Indian Roulette and Unlimited Blackjack that simulate a live casino experience, is suitable for Indian players. This website provides a variety of payment choices and customer care that is available around-the-clock. Don’t wait too long to check out this online casino, which is among the finest real money games of 2022.

 5. Howzat

Howzat is a platform for fantasy cricket and football games that provides the greatest real money games in India and allows you to create your own team before each game. With this software, all you have to do to earn money in real time is predict how the team and individual players will perform. 

If the players you selected performed well in the game, you will gain points based on their success, and you will have daily chances to win actual cash rewards. This software is ideal for you if you are well-versed in both football and cricket. Earn points based on your team’s performance as you compete against the teams of other gamers.  You have more possibilities to win significant cash prizes the more points you have. Anytime utilizing any digital wallet, including Paytm, Google Pay, and others, the money may be withdrawn.

 6. Dream 11

One of the most well-known fantasy cricket apps that is currently enjoyed by everyone is Dream11. The brand ambassadors for Dream11 at the moment include prominent cricketers from the Indian Cricket Team, including Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant, Hardik Pandya, and Jasprit Bumrah.

This software enables players to create a fantasy ideal team throughout the game and compete online against friends for prizes. Dream11, which was established in 2008 and presently has over 1 crore members, is the first Indian platform to join the unicorn club. It enables participants to take part in basketball and football games in addition to cricket. With its never-ending experiments and distinctive features, Dream11 has produced a success story that can be emulated.


7. Winzo

An award-winning online gaming site in India called Winzo, which has more than 5 billion users, allows players to play games online and make a lot of money. It complies with all regulations set forth by the Indian government for mobile gaming and is entirely legal. There is no secret to making extra money; all you need to do is play your game and have the winning strategies.

You can play and compete in Winzo’s 70+ captivating and well-liked games, such as Rummy, Pool, Carrom, and Ludo, to earn money. This app’s ability to pay immediately via a variety of well-liked payment options, including UPI, Paytm, and bank transfers, is one of its strongest features.

Winzo offers a number of different skill games in a variety of forms that customers may play and pay real money for. Winzo Baazi, Normal Tournament, and Team Tournament are just a few of the different game types that are offered for the games. With interesting rules and lots of competition, all of these forms are a lot of fun.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Which video game is the greatest at making money?

All of the games on this list are some of the best ones you can play to make money online in India. You are free to participate in whichever game you find most enjoyable and lucrative. Additionally, millions of users trust all of these games and they are all entirely legal. We advise reading the rules of each game before playing in order to be on the safe side.

2. Are these games that pay real money legal?

Card games and fantasy team websites are permissible under the most current guidelines published by the Supreme Court of India because they only involve a player’s talent. Playing and earning money on these platforms is therefore acceptable and secure in India.

3. What kind of games are played for real money in India?

If you enjoy playing a particular game on one of their platforms—a website or an app—you can play it for real money. You can choose from the list above and these are typically card games or casino games.