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The Best Online Games for Your Smartphone

Smartphones are more than just gadgets for communication. They are wonderful machines made for a lot of various other functions including playing free online casino games. Due to the functional requirements of these games, a lot of these smartphones are being made with sophisticated technology just to meet up to standards. Research has also shown that games are one of the most popular paid apps.

Now you could be wondering which games would better be enjoyed on your smartphone. There are a variety of games, which you should consider trying. You should, however, note that most of them that are labelled “free” most of the time include in-app buying that is optional.

Some of the best online games for a Smartphone include:

1.Angry Birds Epic

It is a free to play a video game, which starts with a player trying to find eggs stolen by pigs.

As it goes on, more birds are added. The birds use more conventional methods like magic and sword to target the pigs.

2. Pokemon Go

This is a multiplayer game that entails hunting. There is a battle between small creatures. Apart from having this game on your Smartphone, you must have a GPS signal too. With that, you can just walk on the streets with your phone, find elusive Pokemon and capture them through flicking Poke Balls your way.

This game is very simple and the fact that it is not only shared in the game but in real life makes it different from other games. It gets anyone who plays it out of the house and it is a great way to bond with others while exercising.

3. Spaceteam

This is the finest multiplayer game on mobile. It entails pushing so many buttons and yelling. The premise is some small spaceship, which hurtles along and falls to bits and attempts to overtake an exploding star. You need to engage relevant controls in order to prevent it from getting boiled.

Note that the instructions you will find in this game are not always relevant to the controls on your display. And this is the only game that entails screaming desperately.

Spaceteam if a free to play the game, the players are only required to be one Wi-Fi network in order to play.

4. Catan

Online Games for Smartphone

This is also a multiplayer game. It is a board game, which entails constructing settlements, managing and utilizing resources.

If you are obsessed with video games, Catan may feel like a table-top take on civilization. And in case you are in the same room with people interested in this game, you can play the real life board game.

But Catan on Smartphone allows you to battle online. Another added advantage of playing on your Smartphone is that you don’t need to set up the board nor will you have to deal with a player getting in a huff when playing badly and throwing everything on the floor.

These are some of the best online games for your Smartphone. No matter where you are, with these games on your phone, you will be able to interact with so many people and have so much fun.