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AmpliFly iOS Game Review – Refreshing Arcade Game For iPhone!

Tired of playing same old arcade games with dull graphics?, check out this very refreshing iOS game that have stunning graphics & interesting gameplay named as– AmpliFly!

AmpliFly iOS Game Review

Even though more and more game developers are turning to develop arcade games for iOS devices like iPhone & iPad, most of them are failing due to lack of creativity design. AmpliFly game brings all those things along with an intense gameplay that can easily make you addictive for it.

Amplify has its mechanics effect well worked out and that is why this toss game is not just a quickie, and you can play with it for longer times. The 16 well designed levels are dynamic as well as have ample of difficulties to keep it interesting.

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Very compelling part for me was the artistic background designing that gives you a feeling of epic journey through out the gameplay. There is decent work done on colorful shader effects and it all reflects in creative level designing. Equally interesting music adds even more reality to what you play and makes the overall experience interesting.

The hero powers in the game can be upgraded using the temporary or permanent skills using earned achievements . There are various enemy types, environmental  elements and well designed AI helps keeping the levels challenging. The inbuilt support for Apple’s Game Center let you embed lots of records and achievements with a reward system and brag about it!

As I mentioned earlier, the game looks very fresh thanks to vibrant colors and animation effects built inside it. The game works fluidly on both screen sizes of iPhone & iPad, but of course is best looking on mighty iPad display.

Overall, AmpliFly is much more rewarding compared to most of the arcade games we see these days & as this iOS game is free, I would recommend this as a Must-Have for your iPhone or iPad.

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5


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