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Valentine’s Gifts for Geeks, Nerds, and Gamers

What comes to mind when you think of the geek in your life? For some people, it is the social awkwardness, more so in social settings. For others, it is an unbelievable love for gaming. Whatever comes to mind, that is what you should capitalize on when shopping for them. Yes, even nerds look forward to gifts, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, the anticipation is high. Shopping for geeks may not always be the easiest thing. It gets harder if you are not a geek and are, therefore, unsure of what would work as a nerdy gift. Spending some time with your loved one will help you understand what they would want. You might get lost in the new world as you grapple to get a footing. But the results will be worth it. The following list of items will also shed some light as to what would work for that special person:


Cuddling is a great way to get close to your loved one. There is a calmness that comes from being in the arms of the one you love. And with a pillow to rest on, the environment becomes that much more welcoming. When choosing pillows, do not go for the basic options that are pretty much standard in most homes. Think outside the box. Or, instead, get your inspiration from emoticons. From smiley faces to heart shapes, there is a lot that you can do with emoticons. When you have eaten to your fill and need some support, you can present your loved one with a pillow. Also, you can use the pillow to express your feelings.


Themes are an easy way to express how you feel about someone. For example, you can set the theme on their MP3 player to one that suits Valentine’s mood. Think cupid and love hearts and set a pattern that shows the same. You could go further by adding some inscriptions as to how much you love them. You could also create a theme and send it to your loved one on Valentine’s Day to start their day with a smile.


T-shirts are another excellent form of expression which you can design as you wish. Not only will they add to your geek’s sense of style, but they will also communicate how you feel. The good thing is that you can take their favourite cartoons, movies, and shows and grab quotes from them. Print these words on a t-shirt and you will have made their day. Or you could go for pictures that are sure to crack them up on sight. A good example would be a budding relationship between cookies and milk. Who doesn’t envy that relationship?


Many people have toyed with the idea of looking cool but are not able to execute it. And what do most cool people have? Tattoos! It is one thing to admire the artwork on someone’s hand, and it is another to go through the pain of the needle. So if your geek would love a tattoo, you can get them a temporary one. They can have fun showing off their ink work, knowing that they barely felt a thing to get the tattoo.

A Gaming Chair

The chances are high that your geek is often glued to a screen yelling at someone from another part of the world. They cheer, groan, turn and laugh, all the while seated in one position. They are likely to have a sore back at the end of the day. Why not enhance their gaming experience? In this way, they can feel better and do away with the hot soaks every night. All this is possible with a good gaming chair designed for gamers like your loved one.

Take time with gift selection and ensure that you get something that would appeal to your loved one. All the best of luck!