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Unusual Ways to Boost your Mobile Wi-Fi

Mobile Wi-Fi connections can be temperamental and erratic, often when we need them the most. Whether your mobile Wi-Fi connection drops out occasionally or all of the time, there are many weird and wacky ways to boost your mobile Wi-Fi.

Remove your Mobile Covers

Sometimes removing your mobile cover can increase the effectiveness of mobile Wi-Fi If you really don’t want to leave your mobile bear, consider changing your case to a different material or reducing the thickness of the case. Smooth gel or silicon cases tend to interfere the least with Wi-Fi strength, whereas aluminium and other metal cases tend to interfere the most.

Purchase a Specialised Wi-Fi boosting Case

Amazingly, there are specialised cases that are available online and in mobile phone stores that are designed especially to boost your phones Wi-Fi signal. The Linkase series by Absolute Technology is just one of many available ranges on the market that improve mobile Wi-Fi.

Enhance your Antenna

One of the strangest yet simplest ways to create an antenna is by fashioning one out of an aluminium can. Simply get an empty soft drink or beer can and cut off the top and the bottom so you have a cylinder open at both ends. Then cut this cylinder down the middle so you are left with a slightly curved sheet of aluminium. Alternatively, you can create an antenna using kitchen foil by curving a piece of it around a plastic bottle. This sheet will effectively act as an antenna by catching and redirecting the Wi-Fi signal. Place this curved sheet around your Wi-Firouterwith the open end facing in the direction that you which the signal to be directed.


Get a Wi-Fi Boosting App

There are many Wi-Fi boosting apps available on the Android store and the Apple app store. As always, when buying apps, be sure to check the details of each app carefully before purchasing them, as they could be fake apps or scams. It is important to keep in mine that no app out there can increase the power of your Wi-Fi receiver or make the signal better, they can regularly refresh your connection, which in some cases, can increase the speed of your Wi-Fi signal overall.

Boost My Wi Fi

Move your Router

Many things can interfere with Wi-Fi signals including metal objects (including mirrors), very thick wooden furniture and walls. Quite often it is a game of trial and error, moving your router around until you reach an optimum position. Many people believe that non-conventional rooms such as dinning room, toilets, kitchens or hallway scan be the perfect place.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your mobile Wi-Fi connection can remain unreliable. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to seek help from the professionals at