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Top 10 Ebook Creator Software – 2022

“Top 10 Ebook Creator Software” streamlines customer acquisition. Offering free eBooks with enticing covers enhances leads, sales, and loyalty.

EBooks make the process of acquiring customers easier. People enjoy receiving free things. Your target audience can receive a free eBook cover design, which will increase leads, sales, and customer loyalty.

With the aid of its feature-rich advanced tools, an eBook creation, also known as eBook software, enables you to and generate an eBook. Using well-known programmers like Designers, you can either build an eBook from scratch or convert already-existing blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook Pages, and even podcasts into an eBook.

Top 10 Ebook Creator Software

eBook Creator | List of 10 Best eBook Creation Software

For all your needs in ebook creator tools, ebook design, ebook writing tools, ebook cover design, here is a list of the top eBook creation programmes that we reviewed.

Kitaboo – Award-winning cloud-based digital publishing platform to create, publish, and securely deliver multimedia-enhanced interactive eBooks.

Epubeemaker – Free ebook publishing software in the form of a word add-in, it helps you create ePub directly from your word document.

Flipbuilder – An ebook creator that converts PDF into Media Rich eBooks with a flipbook style.

Blurb – An ebook publishing software capable of assisting throughout the publishing and distribution process.

Pressbooks – Offers e-publishing solutions to educational institutions, authors, and self-publishers.

FlipHTML5 – HTML5 digital publishing platform

Mobipocket ebook creator – A simple ebook creator with a great interface.

Vellum– A premium Mac-exclusive ebook creation software

Kotobee – A paid software for creating engaging eBook content

Scrivener – eBook creator software for authors who write novels and fiction.

For all your needs in ebook publishing, ebook development, and ebook authoring, here is a list of the top eBook creation programmes that we reviewed.

The top 10 software for creating eBook design are listed below:


An interactive eBook maker is Kitaboo.  It is a cloud-based digital publishing platform where DRM-protected material may be created and published.

Your content is protected against internet piracy and theft thanks to DRM. Using the KITABOO writing tool, you can either start from scratch when creating an eBook or use their conversion service to turn your digital manuscript into ePUB files.

For your eBook to be more engaging for your readers, include interactive elements like videos, audio, photos, read-alouds, etc. using Kitaboo.

The material you produce with this tool is accessible on all popular operating systems and is device independent. Use Kitaboo, one of the top ePub creators, to publish content online.

For your eBook to be more engaging for your readers, include interactive elements like videos, audio, photos, read-alouds, etc. using Kitaboo.

The content you create using this tool is device agnostic and is accessible on all major operating systems. Use Kitaboo, one of the top ePub creators, to publish content online.

2.Epubee maker

This software for creating eBooks is free. You may convert your word files into ePUB, Mobi, and PDF formats using this Word add-in.

Once the add-in has been installed in Microsoft Word, it is simple to convert word documents to EPUB/Mobi/PDF. When your eBook is prepared for sale, you can upload it to a variety of e-readers like the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.

Both an eBook Editor and an eBook Reader are available with ePUBee Maker. You can import different file formats to read on MS Word. This programme makes it simple to convert your word file into an eBook.


Another interactive eBook maker is this one.Find out more about how to make interactive ebooks here. When you turn to the next page in your eBook, this software simulates a page flip, which is an intriguing feature.

Comparing this flip effect to regular eBooks is an interesting change. Multimedia components can be included in your eBook files.

It enables you to convert PDFs into eBook files that are appropriate for any eReader you choose.Ebooks are available on all platforms and operating systems. Before utilizing this app, you would need to download it to your Windows, iOS, or Android device.


You can create and publish eBooks using the tools offered by Blurb. To begin creating books, you would first need to get their free desktop software package.

You may also upload a PDF and have it turned into an eBook using this feature. To convert a PDF file into an eBook, you need a least of 22 pages.

Once it is complete, Blurb even assists you in selling your eBook. They take care of the shipment, on-demand printing, and logistics. The Blurb Bookstore, Amazon, Ingram, and Apple iBook store are all places where you may sell your eBook.


An easy-to-use internet tool is Pressbooks. You only need to join up to get started creating your eBook. If you already have a draught of your novel, you may import it and add chapters using our eBook creation software.

You can include audio, video, and image files with it. Additionally, you can choose your page’s appearance from their selection of display layouts.

When the eBook is finished, you can export it in the following file types: PDF, ePUB, ePUB3, Mobi, and XHTML. Once you’ve downloaded your files, you can sell your recently made eBook by submitting it to eBook retailers or by using a third-party distributor.


Create interactive eBooks with the help of yet another flip book creator. It is an HTML5 digital publishing platform that allows you to include video, animation, and hyperlinks in your content.

Even if you don’t have a website, you may still publish your books online because it offers a free online hosting service. All devices and web browsers can access your eBooks.

With the free software FlipHTML5, you may interactively enhance your eBook by converting PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice, and Images to HTML5. You may also make a unique domain for your eBook using this tool.

7.Mobipocket eBook Maker

This web tool has a UI. You can use this tool to build your eBooks from the ground up. You can design the cover page and choose the page arrangement.

You can decide on an acceptable price for the eBook using their price calculating tool. Mobipocket is an intuitive eBook creation tool with a fun UI.

The software helps customize documents according to needs and supports a number of additional formats, including HTML, DOCX, PDF, and TXT.

8. iBooks Author

On the Mac App Store, this software can be downloaded without charge. Using this software, you can make interactive eBooks for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac.
You can add photographs, audio, video, animations, 3D objects, mathematical equations, and other elements to it to enrich your eBook.
It facilitates the creation of a captivating and interactive eBook. If you don’t want to restrict your eBook to Apple devices, you can export it in other file formats. It gives you the choice to export files in text, PDF, and ePUB format.
9. Kotobee 
An easy-to-integrate eBook creator is Kotobee. It costs money to use the software to make interactive eBooks.
Other than a large number of embedded widgets, the software supports music, video, and weblinks gives users access control and cloud support by interacting with external systems. By collaborating on movies, interactive pictures, and widgets, Kotobee aids in reader engagement.


Advanced eBook software called Scrivener helps writers of novels and screenplays. The software also has an export tool that enables users to change the eBook’s format to one of several other eBook formats, including MOBI, EPUB, and Kindle.

Although the entire process is not quite simple, the tutorials help. For creating an eBook, you can or select a limited-time free trial or a paid version.

We trust this exploration of “Top 10 Ebook Creator Software” equips you for ebook success. Thanks for reading, and happy creating!