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The Fastest Growing Technology Roles In India

Modern India is awash with professionals working in technology.

India’s investment in STEM education is paying off big time, with around 7.7 percent of the nation’s GDP attributable to tech in 2019. In Indian political discourse, great expectations are placed on the shoulders of the technology industry – with many commentators seeing the industry as a key factor in the economy of a fully developed and incredibly prosperous country. Indeed, India is the second fastest growing digitalizing economy in the world, and technology dominates the emerging jobs market, according to professional social networking giant LinkedIn.

The technology industry is not a monolithic and singular entity. It comprises many different fields, each containing sub-fields. Specialty is the name of the game in the tech industry, and many Indians have worked hard to develop unique, in-demand skills. You might be wondering which specialist roles are emerging the fastest in the Indian tech industry. Here are the top contenders.

Site Reliability Engineer

Site reliability engineer is a rather recently coined term, but the role is fast becoming one of the most sought-after positions in tech. Site reliability engineers make sure that applications and websites are never taken down or compromised. They deal with site and software maintenance and code security. For those of you that need to upgrade the code security of your site or software, one option is to secure your codebase with Spectral.

Site reliability engineering positions are ‘hybrid’ jobs. They combine site maintenance, security and auditing roles.

Back End Developer

Back end developers are responsible for creating the behind-the-scenes code that ensures application or site functionality. Any coding that deals with executing what the public-facing site or application offers is considered ‘back end’. A good back end developer works closely with front end developers and web designers to ensure that they deliver the functional aims set out in a plan or strategy.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial Intelligence is a field that is growing at a truly incredible rate. The applications of AI span from marketing to architecture, and plenty of talented specialists are required in order to develop machine learning and AI solutions. India and the United States are world leaders in this developing field. Artificial Intelligence specialists need to be very talented mathematicians that can also understand the societal and business areas that their work will affect. The practical use of machine learning algorithms has only recently become commonplace, and it is fair to say that we are living in a watershed moment in scientific history.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain systems are decentralized ledgers. They are incredibly secure ways of storing information, such as transactions. For this reason, blockchain has been fundamental to the development of secure, viable cryptocurrencies. The decentralized security of blockchain means that – in theory – a good cryptocurrency cannot be manipulated or controlled by malicious actors or monopolists. India is now sixth in the world in the field of blockchain development. The market for secure blockchain systems is likely to grow as cryptocurrency becomes more of a mainstream financial medium.