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Sony VAIO T Series SVT13112FXS 13.3-Inch Ultrabook: A Complete Review

Designed with an aim to deliver the intensive performance and extreme mobility on the verge, Sony VAIO T series 13.3 inches ultrabook has been designed to offer the ultimate level of experience.

As we know that Sony is best known for its appeal and sleek ultra slim frames and on the top of it the performance is the key aspect, you will definitely see the blend of both in this series of ultrabook from Sony. The beauty lied in the full flat aluminum shell which has composed the latest technology and also has the boot up performance with great battery life.

Sony VAIO T Series SVT13112FXS is a 13.3 inches ultrabook with the latest technology from Intel for performance and Sony for build quality.

Sony Viao Ultrabook Review - Price & Specifications

Specifications/ Features of Sony Viao SVT13112FXS

  • It’s a 13.3 inches ultrabook with LED backlit display which deliver the high definition output at 720p
  • It has got 1.7 GHz intel core i5 processor which promises the ultimate performance at low voltage.
  • Along with this you will also get the storage space of 500 GB in consolidation with 4 GB of RAM
  • For ultimate view of graphics it has been embedded with Intel HD graphics 4000.
  • It has got communication assets like Wi Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 which is the latest technology.
  • It promises the battery backup of 7.5 hrs which is an impressive asset it offers.
Sony Viao Ultrabook Review - Released in US

On First Glance

With the bright 13.3 inches high definition LED backlit display and with the power of Intel core i5 in it, Sony VAIO T Series SVT13112FXS is no doubt an impressive piece of ultrabook which has got the latest generation low voltage processing unit along with Turbo boost technology and much more.

At the first glance you would love the appeal of Sony VAIO T Series SVT13112FXS, as it has got every thing which you are looking for. With 500 GB of hard disk space and SSD cache, it promises to offer the fastest access to your data.

In terms of external appeal, Sony VAIO T Series SVT13112FXS has got the ultra smooth full flat design with HDMI, USB 3.0 and VGA output port in the sides. USB 3.0 ensures the fastest data transfer from any external devices.

The rapid wake technology introduced in this ultrabook enables you to just close down the lid to put the PC into the sleep mode, no more shut down headache and waiting time.

Sony VIAO 13.3 Inch Ultrabook Review - US Released

It has got the multi gesture touchpad which offers the most intuitive interaction. You can scroll down or up with you two fingers and can pinch for zoom in or out. Just swipe to flip the pages or snaps.

In terms of audio, you will experience the richer, louder and bolder voice which is the magic of Clear Phase and xLoudClear Phase technologies.

The 1.3 MP camera not just provide you means of simple video chat, but it also offer the HD web conference which you won’t experience in any other ultrabooks.

Verdict  & Price in US

This 13.3 inch Sony VAIO ultrabook is nice and is supposed to be the most suitable personal computing device for home and also for the professional use. It has got the solid built and appealing design which makes it a stylish ultrabook along with what it offers in terms of rich performance and specifications.

At an attractive price point of USD 787, This Sony Vaio Ultrabook is highly recommended!

Our Rating – 4/5

Cost –  $787  in US

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