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Should You Use Spyware Apps on Smartphones?

Spyware is debated category of apps when it comes to smartphones, as it directly impacts the privacy of a person. But in what cases you might want to prefer using it or should spyware even exists for a smartphone in the modern times?

Such apps are generally used for tracking call logs, messages or location of particular smartphone users. As they can be used for safety, they can also be used for seriously breaching someone’s data.

So if you’re a parent, you can track your kid’s location out of concern. An excellent way to do this is letting your children know that you are keeping an eye on their whereabouts for their safety.

Similarly, some small organization has also used such tools with the consent of their employees to track marketing and sales communications. We’re also familiar with most of the customer care calls that our calls are being recorded for training and quality purposes. Even though it can not be categorized as spying, we can easily see how things, if used wisely, can be beneficial for various purposes.

A good number of cell phone spyware are available all over the web, but you won’t be able to find it in the most app store for obvious reasons. But a variety of such apps are available online. You should choose only the apps that are offered by trusted brands. This is important considering, you or your loved one might fall victim to unethical apps out there.

If you think using such apps can help you protect organization integrity, or protect your family from unforeseen situations, you might want to use spyware apps on the phone only and only by taking consent of the concerned user.

Things to keep in mind while selecting the best spyware apps for your cell phone:

  • Before buying the app make sure the service provider supports your phone OS.
  • Avoid using free apps, as they might be malicious. Unless you are downloading from a trusted developer or brand.
  • See if the app requires jailbreaking or rooting of your iOS or Android devices. If you do not wish to compromise the warranty on your cellphones, you should not go with such apps.
  • For tracking children, prefer the app that is specially designed for children.
  • Make sure the app developer offers 24/7 support for tracking and parental control features.
  • Make sure app is legal to use in your country and seek legal advice from your council if you’re unsure about the usage of the app.

I hope these simple tips will help you determine whether and how you should choose the best cell phone spyware app for parental control or office usage.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for educational purpose only, and we do not advise or recommend the use of any tools, software or apps through this content. Make sure you completely understand the responsibility of using, buying or implementing cell phone spy apps, before you try them.