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Quantum QHM 10KP 10000 mAh Power Bank Review

[paragraph]Quantum since September 2017 has come up with a range of power banks, and recently I got a hands-on their 10000 mAh battery pack called Quantum QHM 10KP. Following is the review of the Quantum’s offering that is directly competing with brands like Xiaomi and Ambrane.[/paragraph]



Quantum 10000 mAh Power Bank Review

The power bank is available in two colors of dual shade, a textured white with a black one that I have received and another black color with shiny black texture. The power bank is designed with slim and elegant appearance. The device is pocketable but you can no comfortably carry it everywhere unless kept in the bag as its size is more or less comparable to those clunky 6-inch smartphones. The slim design, however, makes it easy to carry around along with your smartphone in your hand.

The design is Plug & Play like every other power bank out there,  but the great thing about this power bank is it comes with 2 USB outlets of DC 5V/2A capacity. That means you can charge two smartphones or any other USB devices like a pocket router at the same time.

RISC Microprocessor Controller helps it providing fast charging to modern smart devices white controlling the overcharging under charging voltage protection. It also helps the power bank enhanced life cycle, which the Quantum promised to be 300 to 500 times, which is a pretty wide range. The life cycle denoted that power bank will operate at 80-90% of efficiency even when it is fully charged for 300 to 500 times.

Quantum QHM 10KP has a decent feel to hand but it’s not as a premium to its competitors. I won’t doubt its charging capabilities at all based on my 3 weeks long use for charging my iPhone at least twice or little more, but what I am not impressed with is the build quality. The USB outlets are well spaced they feel weak when you try to push the power cable inside. The power indicators that show 25 to 100% charge remaining also spills its lights through USB ports. The small cable that you receive with the device is also of average quality.

Build quality apart, as I have said that this battery pack by quantum doesn’t compromise on its charging capabilities, which is what we buy it for. It takes up to 10 hours on the first charge and on average 6-7 hours to get fully charged. Then you have a 2Ampere fast charging device that provides uninterrupted intelligently controlled power on the go.


With the average quality the price of Rs. 1899 is not justified but you can easily get this device online for almost 30-40% discount on sites like Amazon. Based on my personal experience, I will recommend this power bank as it does not compromise on its promise of quality charging with controlled voltage, but make sure you get it at a discounted price than MRP.