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Portronics Launches “Progenie” – A Smart & Multifunctional Multimedia Portable Projector

Building on the run-away success of PICO-318 portable LED Projectors, Portronics has launched “Progenie” – a 100-lumen multimedia portable LED projector which offers 80 inch screen-size, 854×480 resolution using Texas Instrument’s famous DLP technology ensuring excellent picture quality. It has the ability to project crystal clear multimedia content from a variety of sources on a screen size of up to 80 inches diagonally.

Progenie is a powerful multimedia projector with extremely portable size of just over 3”x3”x1.5”.

Uses of Progenie:

Enjoy with friends and family: Large screen portable LED projector means you can enjoy movies within the comforts of home without getting out and still get a theatre-like experience. You can carry Progenie to your friends or relatives home and enjoy the screening. While Progenie’s inbuilt small speaker is powerful for use for a few people, for large crowd in a big room you will need a good home audio system like Portronics home audio devices like SoundSlick ,  SoundChief or ‘Portronics Thunder.

For Business: If you are in sales or marketing function, Progenie can be carried easily with your laptop and you can make a swift presentation by projecting the screen of your smartphone, Laptop or even a pen-drive in front of your customer. 

For Gaming: Or you are a game wizard and want to fully immerse yourself in a 80 inch screen size as you play  on your PS3, PS4 or X-Box. Just connect these consoles to the HDMI port of Progenie.

Progenie can seamlessly connect to your DVD player, Micro SD card, USB drive, RGB (AV) NTSC/PAL devices and even with HDMI enabled devices like Laptops, Streaming Dongles. One can easily stream hi-definition videos from Youtube, Netflix, etc. 

If you are watching a video using Progenie through a USB stick or Micro SD card or a laptop, you can also feed audio out from Progenie into your home-theatre or sound system through AUX OUT to make your experience complete.

Diagonal Screen Size can go right from 34 inches from 1.5 meters upto 80 inches from 2.5 meters without blurring on edges. Progenie supports all major images, audio & video file formats. Progenie has a multifunctional Remote Control which has intuitively placed Panel buttons so you can make presentations or see a movies comfortably. You can do the usual remote control functions like Play, Pause, Stop, Fast-forward, Reverse, zoom and freeze pictures, mute & change volume of sound etc.

Progenie works on 110-240V 50/60 Hz AC power. In-Built cooling fan keeps the temperature under control. The lifespan of LED is upto 20,000 hours. 

Progenie also allows you to charge your 5V devices like Android or IOS or Windows smartphones, cameras, etc from USB Out port.

With around 200 grams of weight and dimensions of 8cm x8cm x3.8 cm or 3.14inchx3.14inchx1.5inch you can easily carry it around in your small hand-bag or laptop bag. The package contains an HDMI Cable, AVI Cable, a tripod & Prrojector.

Pricing and Availability:

Progenie is priced at a very striking price-point of INR 29,999/-. Buy from both online or offline stores. For additional information please visit,