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Popup Templates And How They Can Drive More Conversions For Your Website

Even if you’ve read the headline and don’t have the slightest idea what the conversation is going to be about, don’t be in a hurry to get upset. You, like any person with Internet access, have at least once encountered the kind of advertising that pops up suddenly when you visit the site. Yes, those popup windows that can sometimes be extremely annoying, and sometimes immensely effective for both sides of the process – customers and marketers. How to make sure that your popups are exceptionally effective and do not annoy, but attract visitors and customers? Let’s see what the professionals advise.

Popup Ads

Strategy for popups

The process of introducing popups into your advertising strategy is an integral part of successful promotion. What is meant here is not the mandatory presence of popups in your strategy, but a qualitative approach to use. Before you bring the idea of creating popup layouts to life, think about exactly how you can most effectively present information to your user. By the way, it is also not worth skipping such an important stage as audience analysis. Set a specific goal for yourself, show creativity and think about how you can attract “your viewer”. Find effective tools of influence and attractiveness and write it in your advertising strategy.

Switching on at the last moment, not the first

Often, a popup window appears to the user at the beginning of a site visit. In order to interest the user more, stand out and use a popup window when the client is about to leave the page. This technique is called a “popup exit window”. This is a great way to “retain” the client. In this type of web popups, you can offer a discount coupon or provide free shipping. The call-to-action button on the popup window redirects the site visitor to the offer page.

The value of the message

Popups will look more attractive to the user if he sees an individual value in the message. The easiest way to create value for a message is to give the user a bonus. Such popup templates will be especially important for those users who are not sure about making a purchase of the product.

Also, a good tip within this life hack is to set a timer or other time limiter in the template. This way you will create a sense of necessity and urgency of making a decision.

Harmony of corporate identity

A fairly common mistake of novice specialists is the inconsistency of the layout with the corporate style of the site. If the popup window has your corporate identity, it is less likely that it will be confused with negative third-party advertising offers. Consequently, users will be more willing to provide you with their email addresses.

Simplicity and minimalism are the key to success

It is obvious that in the modern world full of information, the rule “the simpler, the better” works properly. This rule also applies to popups. Your main task is to make sure that the user does not bother reading your message, that is, to make it concise and readable. Add one image, a small text, an email address field and a button. The less information you ask the user at the first stage, the more likely he will go all the way to the end. The first step of getting to know the brand should be the easiest. First, he will leave an email address, and after some time, more extended information that you need.

Simple popup closure

You’ve probably experienced a palette of angry emotions more than once when an unclosed popup gets in your way while reading an interesting article or searching for a product in an online store. At such moments, the client focuses his attention not on the message of the layout, but on the search for the close button. If you offer the user to register in this way, then most likely, instead of the desired action, he will simply leave the site.


Now you know at least 6 ways to increase the percentage of efficiency of using popups in your advertising promotion. If you are a beginner, remember that the first steps can be difficult. The main thing is not to give up halfway and study a lot. Think about the importance of permanent education! It is actually the key to success in the world of advertising, because this area is improving, growing and changing every day! Good luck to you and great sales!