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Phyxer Free iPhone App Review – Fix Your Photos With One Touch!

When you have a iPhone or few other iOS devices, taking photos is what it is really great at. But as we can not always capture perfect photos, there is one great app to fix your image capturing mistakes – Phyxer Free App For iPhone.

Phyxer iPhone App For Image Correction

When using iPhone camera, as it is not a dedicated photo capturing device you are likely to take blurry pictures due to very minute shake in hand.  That small blur is fixed very properly using this app within a small time. This app saves a lot of your tedious work of photo editing in big softwares using your PC or Mac.

Not just the blur, but Phyxer is capable of eliminating  Red Eye/White Eye that usually comes due to flash. Additionally errors due to noise/grain & color, brightness, exposure issues can be easily fixed using this app rapidly.

The app has really simple interface that is easy to understand for any type of user, as all you have to do is load photo you want to fix and trigger the correction profiles and let the Phyxer do some magic for it.

Phyxer comes in Free & Pro versions, where there are all correction effects are available in free version but not all can be saved after editing. For that you need to unlock the full version of this app for just $1.99 that opens up loads of possibilities for your photo fixing.

The app is very stable and works really well on iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. Overall it has all correction feature you can expect and the developers are always providing newer updates to make your experience even better. I will recommend this app to all iPhone users who generally makes mistakes while capturing photos and even for professional as a quick add on feature for their devices.

Cost of Basic Version – Free

Cost of Full Version – $1.99

Ratings: 4/5

Compatible with: iPhone, Ipod Touch, iPad (with iOS 4.3+)

Download Phyxer Free App For iPhone