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Large LED Screens for Concerts and Festivals: Its Usage and Some Venue Preparation Tips

LED screens once used to be just in an organizer’s wishlist in the past. Today, it becomes one of the integral parts of large outdoor activities and performances. For example, music festivals and concerts always use LED screens to amp up the fun and excitement of the viewers.

Whether you’re planning for an event like Lollapalooza or Coachella, you could always use large LED screens to make the stage attention-grabbing. More so if you’re planning to invite popular artists and performers wherein you need to make sure that all attendees can still see what’s happening on-stage.

Why Use Large LED Screens?

If you haven’t tried using large LED screens for any of your events in the past, perhaps it’s time to consider using this equipment. Why? The use of this larger-than-life video displays can do wonders to your event.

  • Make the event more memorable – Large video displays plays a huge role in enhancing the ambience and atmosphere of the venue. For open-area settings, having large LED screens ensures that all the audience will see the performer, which increases the engagement. They can also take better pictures of the act and the performers on stage.
  • Option to have mobile or flown screens for the stage side for better visibility – Aside from having one large LED display, you could also install flown screen either directly on the side of the stage or other strategic areas of the venue. You could set up the mobile screens in the middle of the venue for attendees seated too far away from the stage.
  • Allocate areas for VIP or regular attendees – Having a big screen also allows you to categorize the seats accordingly. You can have the VIP seated right in front of the stage. And you won’t be too worried about those who didn’t avail of the VIP pass because they can still see the performances clearly on the big screen.
  • Option to broadcast the full event – Many providers of LED screens usually offer broadcast solutions, which means there could be multiple cameras at your disposal to document the event. You could also create and deliver pre-produced content via your onsite screens.



When it comes to organizing concerts and festivals, having the right display solutions can make all the difference. If you’re planning an event in Orlando, MyAdsUSA offers top-of-the-line display solutions to help you create an unforgettable experience for your audience. Learn more about their display solutions Orlando and get some helpful venue preparation tips to make your next event a hit.

LED Screen Preparation Tips for Huge Outdoor Events

Unlike preparing a stage without LED big screens, you’d have to be too concerned about the seating areas of the venue, especially in making sure that the stage is elevated and visible. However, the use of large LED screens certainly allows you to set-up the stage a lot easier. When setting up the stage, be sure to look at these important factors:

  • Use the right lights – LED screens already emit bright lights. So be sure to complement the bright white light with apt colors, especially in relation to the backdrop.
  • Use pre-existing backdrops – Speaking of backdrop, it would be great if you could find a pre-existing backdrop, such as a wall or trees. This can add to the vibe of the stage.
  • Raise the stage – It’s a good thing if you have bleachers so that even those people seated a little bit farther away from the stage can still see the performers. But if you don’t, just raise the stage high enough to make it visible to all the audience.
  • Placement of the digital signage, LED signs, and display solutions – Lastly, consider where you’re going to place all your advertising materials, such as LED signs and signages. Or if you don’t have these materials yet, feel free to talk with experts at to help you create the attention-grabbing content you need to have for your upcoming event.

Yes, setting up a conventional stage sans the LED screens could save you money. But if you want your music festival or concert to be a memorable one, it’s best to turn to high-tech entertainment production tools and equipment to cultivate a fun and vibrant environment. With the use large LED screens, you’ll have more options on how to give your audience a real entertainment treat, especially with with your pre-production content, live broadcast, and other videos. All these can certainly make your event stadium-worthy and memorable. Remember that big-impact events don’t really have to be expensive. All you need to do is prepare the venue accordingly.