User Review/Testimonial of Dell XPS 13 Experience From The First Customer

As the era of new smart, thin & superfast computing devices called Ultrabook making their place in heart of Indian Consumers, Dell took time to launch their first ultra thin ultrabook called – XPS 13.

Dell XPS 13 User Testimonial

As this new form of latop is superthin and offers a lot considering its size, it was important for me to know how exactly these devices will impress to the end-user.

Dell recently uploaded the testimonial/user review of the first customer they sold this device, who was deliberately looking for a dell ultrabook for his traveling and computing needs. It’s quite a unique way dell captured their customer experience video form and uploaded on YouTube for India to see how great the Dell XPS 13 experience can be.

User Review/Testimonial of Dell XPS 13

I hope, this cool innovative video form Dell will help you choose the new breed of laptops called ultrabooks. Check out more about Dell Ultrabook Series XPS 13 here.


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