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How To Fix Flash Lighting Up When You Get Text/Call!

I received this small issue reported from the contact page of my blog, and so I thought I should quickly make a small post for the same.

This solution is quite simple, but make sure your LED Flash Lighting issue is same as follows.

Every time you get a new call, your phone starts flashing LED. Also even if you are talking on call, the LED flash starts blinking or flashing.

Similarly when you receive a text call, and your camera LED flashes, this can be solved by simple setting in your Android smartphone.

This problem is most common on Samsung Galaxy Devices, so following steps are according to those devices. (You can relate to the settings menu in your devices accordingly.)led-flash-lighting-up-issue-samsung

How To Solve Flashing LED on Call/Text

On your android smartphone, first go to Settings> General> Accessibility

Here you will find Flash Alerts just under Notification LED

If you are facing the issues I have mentioned above, this option should be natuarally Checked.

You simply have to uncheck that setting, and your problem is pretty much solved.

Note: In case, if you do not have this option checked, and if you are stilling facing the LED lighting up issue on your smartphone, you should check your flash or torch apps for fixing this issue.

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