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How to Convert MKV Video Formats to MP4 Video Formats

Part 1: Introduction

“I received an HD video from my colleague in MKV format but was unable to open it. Later my colleague converted it to MP4 and sent it to me again. Why is it so? Why is an MKV inaccessible in a PC or a smartphone?”

Well, we all know that MKV is the most widely used format for HD video compression as it never requires any patents or licenses and can be used for multimedia. But the problem is that the MKV format file isn’t supported in PC or smartphone often. At such circumstances, you have no other option except converting the MKV video to MP4. To make the conversion more manageable, we have online tools as well as some applications that can lend a hand.

Hence, today’s article is about MKV to MP4 conversion. We will share with you two distinct ways on how to convert MKV to MP4 at ease.

Part 2: How I can use Online UniConverter to convert MKV to MP4

For performing an MKV to MP4 conversion, you never need a software installation if you have an internet connection. Yes, without the help of software, you can do the conversion online with the aid of some online UniConverter like

It is a well-known all-in-one video converter that can convert audio/video easily. An interesting fact is that you can also attempt the batch conversion of multiple files simultaneously with this online Uniconverter.

Now, to convert MKV file to MP4format, you need to open in your browser and then move on to the steps of how to convert MKV to MP4with reading to know more:

Step 1: Open Online Uniconverter and Add Files

Once you open the above link, you will reach the window of the following interface.

Click on the ‘ + ‘ button to add MKV for the MP4 conversion. Upon the selection of files, in the “Convert to” drop-down select “MP4” and click on the “Convert” option.

Step 2: Convert Files

The conversion process will now start, and you will get to knowby the “Converting”message on the screen.

Step 3: Download Converted Files

Once you see that the MKV files are converted to the MP4 format, you can download the final files by hitting on the “Download All” button.

In just three simple steps, your MP4 file is at your reach and hope you will find this conversion process a reliable one. This is the process of how an MKV is converted to MP4 online.

Part 3: Alternative to Online UniConverter

Well, without a doubt, doing an online conversion of MKV to MP4 with the help of is useful, however, what if you have a lot of compressed HD videos in the MKV format in your desktop. You will need a desktop based Uniconverter version for such cases.

So, is there any such application?

The answer is absolute yes.UniConverter (desktop) is a better choice for all sorts of format conversions. We will discuss the reason behind its recommendation in upcoming sessions.

Here, let’s look on steps on how to convert MKV to MP4 with the help of UniConverter (Desktop).

How to use UniConverter (Desktop) to convert MKV to MP4

Before moving on with the conversion of MKV video to MP4, you should first download and install the UniConverter application in your desktop from its official site,

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Video Converter to Add Files

Launch the software in your desktop and then click on the “Convert” option from the top tab.

Now, start adding the MKV files from the desktop by hitting the drop-down. Select the files and click on “Open” or even a simple drag and drop will accomplish it.

Step 2: Choose the Target Format

Once you have added the files to the screen, hit the  ‘+ Add File ‘ button on the left corner and choose MP4 as the target format and to ensure the quality choose “Same as source” option.

Step 3: Edit Files and Convert

Once the target format is specified, you can now edit your video by using tools like CUT, CROP, FILTER  which are present below the added videos. They can trim, crop, or add watermark to your video file.

If you wish to change the path or folder where you want to save the resultant MP4 video, you can do it by clicking on the ‘FOLDER‘ icon.

If you have completed the editing and the location process, click on the “Convert” option on the left corner of the file.

You can alternatively also use the “Convert all” option if you want to convert multiple MKV files to MP4.

Your MKV video is now converted to MP4 without any pester with the help out of UniConverter for desktop successfully.

Go ahead and do give it a try today.

Part 4: UniConverter is a Powerful Video Converter. Why?

So, what makes the UniConverter application a powerful video converter? All sorts of MKV to MP4 conversion discussed in this article are related to UniConverter, and basically, it is usual if such query arises.

The answer is straightforward.

First of all, UniConverter follows a simple user interface and is worth trusting for batch processing and customized output formats.

While there are various format converters available in the marketplace, UniConverter stands aside for its quality, lossless conversion over 1000 video/audio formats.

There is zero incompatibility issue with Uniconverter since the resultant MP4 video runs smoothly on various devices like Mac, iMovie, iPhone, and so on.

We have listed some of the unique features of Uniconverterbelow:

Feature 1: UniConverter has a powerful DVD toolkit that is used to provide a flawless DVD and Blu-ray experience. You can burn videos to DVD and Blu-ray discs and also have access to free DVD templates.

Feature 2: All-purpose video toolbox in Wondershare UniConverteracts as a video compressor, an image converter, a screen recorder, a VR converter, a DVD converter, etc.

Feature 3:You can not only perform conversion with the help of UniConverter but can also download videos from hot online UGC sites and record videos from online streaming sites.

Part 5: About Wondershare

The online MKV to MP4 converter ( and UniConverter discussed in this article are all from the same company known as Wondershare Technologies. All the tools developed from Wondersharetechnology are known to be the best in the industry for their reliability and simplicity.

The company is an avital member of the National Planning Software Enterprise and has users across 150 countries. In short, it is a global leader that is committed towards the innovating new software solutions to its customers that brings simplicity in their lives.

Wondershare technology has introduced various fantastic platforms in the market, among which WondershareUniConverter holds to be one of its main products. Other fabulous products include Filmora, dr.Fone, and Recoverit, etc.

The products from Wondershareare unique and, you can say that Wondershare is an expert and a master of software solutions.

Lastly, we hope you have understood why you need to convert an MKV video to an MP4 and how the conversion of MKV to MP4can be conducted efficiently. So, make use of these techniques from Wondershare without fail for all your audio/video related conversions.