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How Smart Phones Have Revolutionised Marketing Beyond Social Media

Since the introduction of smart phones, the marketing industry has had to change significantly. Customers have moved away from the more traditional forms of media, instead favouring digital media platforms. The majority of consumers today now use their smartphones to find products and services, whether locally, nationally or internationally.

While smartphone marketing largely centres around social media, it also offers numerous other benefits. Here, we’ll look at how smart phones have revolutionised marketing beyond social media.

Smart web design

The hub of all marketing campaigns is the company’s website. As smartphones have exploded in popularity, consumers largely access business websites via their mobiles. This means, the website being marketed will need to have a smart, responsive design. All websites today should be created with a mobile friendly design.

Better targeted advertisements

When it comes to advertising, the more targeted they are, the more effective they’re going to be. This is where smartphones have really boosted the marketing sector. They give marketers the opportunity to target individual customers a lot more precisely than traditional marketing methods.

The phone’s track consumer behaviour, before showing them relevant ads based upon their perceived interests. As the majority of consumers now own a smartphone, the ad’s reach is potentially huge too.

The ability to better track marketing campaigns

In order to make a marketing campaign truly effective, it needs to be adequately monitored. Smartphones have given marketers the ability to better track their campaigns. Not only can tools such as Google Analytics help to track site visitors and the success of campaigns, but call tracking is also available for businesses that rely on phone calls. This allows marketers to track calls made to the business which would otherwise be impossible to track.

Comparison capabilities

These days, when a consumer wants to find out more about a business or product, they turn to online reviews. Consumer reviews have become a big business and they can literally make or break a company’s reputation.

Marketers need to keep these review sites in mind when creating effective campaigns. Any content written for marketing needs to be accurate and honest. If it’s not, consumers aren’t going to waste time letting others know about your false claims! It has also meant marketers now need to be smarter with their marketing efforts to outshine the competition.

These are some of the way’s smartphones have improved marketing efforts. If your business isn’t yet utilising the marketing capabilities smartphones provide, it could be missing out on a lot of potential revenue. As well as the above, social media can also be used to significantly boost your marketing efforts. Consumers are constantly connected to both their smartphones and social media sites, giving businesses a unique opportunity for 24/7 marketing.