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How Small Law Firms Use the Internet to Level the Playing Field

The world is full of businesses trying to make their mark on the world, get customers and generate profit and value. In the current global state of neoliberalist capitalism, many companies that are just starting out find it really tough to compete and get noticed when their competition tends to be giant firms. That being said, the nature of capitalism is that anybody can create a company and build it up if they find the right niche. The legal sector is a prime example of an industry where there are large dominant firms, but if smaller ‘boutique’ firms can find the right niche, they can thrive. This has been the case for half a century, but the internet has opened up the playing field in a whole different way.

Getting Noticed

The fact that the reach of the world wide web is phenomenal will not be news to anybody, however the landscape of the internet is continuously changing and boutique firms can use that to their advantage. Boutique firms only need a relatively small number of clients to survive and thrive, so once they have located a gap in the market for themselves to fill, the primary objective is getting noticed by clients.

It naturally follows that the best place to look for clients would be the same location where clients would be looking for law firms. In the modern day, this tends to be search engine results pages. Again, this is no secret: a pretty specific search for ‘cybercrime law firm Mumbai’ yields almost 700,000 results on Google. Small boutique firms can level the playing field and get noticed among the hundreds of thousands of results by using Search Engine Optimization.

How is SEO used?

You have probably heard of SEO, but even with it having the reputation of one of the most fundamental pillars of digital marketing, surprisingly few people are SEO literate. If done correctly, a good SEO campaign can be the only thing that a small firm needs to do to stand out against the large firm competition for a particular type of client (e.g. those wanting cybercrime law help in Mumbai). SEO is a blanket term for lots of different changes and strategies that a website can implement to place higher in search engine results, and specialists in SEO for lawyers tend to have their own specific recipe for a good SEO marketing campaign.

The basics of SEO for Law

An SEO campaign for a law firm typically constitutes of a mixture of different strategies. Often, websites need to be changed so that every element of the site can be understood by search engines better. Legal directories should also be contacted as part of an SEO campaign – with specialist legal sites referencing the boutique law firm, a search engine will prioritize that law firm’s website more as it’s algorithms would hold it to be a greater authority on the law, as well as providing more value to clients. When these factors are combined with link building and a continuous stream of high quality content, a boutique law firm can be heard above the noise of the bigger firms, stand out and obtain a regular stream of clients.