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How can the Leadership Test help you to find an Employee for a Managerial Job Position?

Hiring the right person to fill the role of the manager is a very sensitive and important task that every business should not underestimate, and the use of a leadership assessment test can mean the difference between success or failure.

One bad hire and this could lead to loss of morale at the workplace, a staggering hit to the establishment’s reputation, and even massive financial losses.

Remember, resumes can be tailored, references can put in a good word just to give due courtesy to the applicant, and that interview answers can be memorized and practiced in order to impress.

Although we should always see the best in people, an open position will always attract a number of applicants from all walks of life, and each of them would want nothing more than to land that job.

Whether you’re a long-time business owner or just about to set up your establishment, here are a few good points as to why you should utilize some form of leadership assessment test in the hiring process.

1)   It allows you to see the applicant’s leadership style

If there’s one thing that you cannot see in a resume or in an interview, it’s the fact that you are not really sure that what they are trying to present is truly what they claim to be their leadership style or managerial skills.

But when you use a Leadership test, you will be able to see just what kind of leader they are based on the many situations and scenarios contained within them.

You can even discover any discrepancies between their answers and what they said in the interview prior to the leadership assessment.

So if they say they’re a firm leader during the interview but chose the highly lenient or nepotistic choices in the test, you should be wary of the applicant.

2)   You can set your preferred leadership style

Compared to IQ tests, leadership assessment tests can be customized to mirror the ideal manager that you want for your business.

Depending on the nature and the needs of your establishment, you can choose which of the predetermined courses of action, ranging from firm to neutral to lenient, is the ‘correct’ one.

Some test providers out there also give you the ability to fully customize the answers so that you can be sure that it fully suits your needs.

3)   Cheating is virtually impossible 

When taking into consideration that leadership assessments can be customized from company to company, this means that it is impossible for applicants to stumble upon the ‘answer sheet’ containing the correct, or ideal, answers of the test.

That is to say, two companies may use the same leadership test from the same test provider but the answers can be directly opposite of them or completely different.

Since the choices can also be increased from four to six per question, it is very unlikely that two companies will have the same answer in every item unless they just go with the base/uncustomized question bank.

4)   The questions can be modified to suit your needs

Apart from the answers, even the questions of the leadership assessment test can be customized to contain scenarios that are frequently seen in the workplace of your particular company.

This means that you can even choose to have a particular incident that a previous manager was able, or not able, to resolve effectively, and see how the applicant can handle it.

Most big name companies use this because it allows them to see how the applicant will react to situations that are likely to occur or are unique to that organization. So if the business is a boutique, they can have it so that the leadership assessment questions mostly follow a dispute, problem, or conflict set in a boutique.

If it’s an accounting firm then all questions can be set in an accounting firm environment.

This allows companies to further know if the candidate is a good match for the managerial position or if there are others that did well or handled it better.

To summarize

There are many ways to make sure that the person you are hiring for a managerial position is effective for the job, and the inclusion of a leadership test in the hiring process can give you a glimpse of the applicant’s leadership style, allowing you to see beyond their resume or credentials.