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Futuristic Mobile Technologies Now Available to Public

Information technology has evolved faster than any other industry. Every day we hear about new technologies that have been released in the market or will become a part of our future. Many of those technologies leave us wowing and restless for their release. Each useful gadget takes time before it hits the market for the use of public – that’s why most of us forget about them. Several times, we don’t even realize when they were launched and made available in the stores. This article is about those technologies that we all awaited eagerly, and now they are in our approach.

Eye Tracking Technology

Ever seen smart glasses that do everything you think. Now you can buy them for personal use and they are just as amazing as shown in the movies. There are eye tracking technology companies like Visual Camp offering this gadget for personal use. You can connect them to your mobile phones and operate it through glasses using only eye gestures. As a user, you can also change settings like brightness of the glasses to comfortably operate your mobile phone. In case you are wondering, you can walk and do other things while operating your mobile through this technology as it has been designed for the retina patterns of the user.

Open Source Smart Phones

Operating systems like Linux have always been open source for the user to add their own functionalities according to their use. Now there are mobile phones available that you can modify. Of course, it’s not something a non-specialist can do as one needs extensive programming knowledge to deal with the source code of a software. Nonetheless, this has opened up doors to many new opportunities.

Mobile Payment

Money related issues had always been a drag. Now you don’t have to worry about anything other than the fact that it’s your money going out of your account. Today, there are hundreds of applications that allow you to send money or pay for something without having to leave your house. It started with banks launching their mobile apps. Now there are many non-bank companies offering the same service.

Software Assistant

We all want someone to help us in our little chores. For example, reminding us of chores on the specified time and warning us about the weather. While mobile phones always had these functions, no one wanted to set their alarms and reminders over and over again. That’s why software assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant were created. Now you just have to address your assistant and tell it do something. These software assistants are intelligent enough to understand your speech and carry out almost any operation you want.

Cloud Computing

No need to carry your laptop, hard drive, or a USB with you. Whether it’s personal or professional data, you can store it on a cloud for access from any part of the world. Cloud computing is bigger than most people think. It’s no longer just about storing data for backup. There are complete software systems that operate online – means no need for physical hard drives anymore.