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Widen Your Memories With The Instax WIDE 300 Instant Camera From Fujifilm

Fujifilm, the world leader in imaging technology for 81 years, unveils its latest edition of instant cameras: the Instax WIDE 300, from its recently launched range of Instax series in India. The instax WIDE 300 is a perfect device for great photographic art work, business purposes, Wedding Photography, parties and other events. It encases a close-up lens for shots up to 40 cm from the subject. Twice as wide as the instax mini film, it also covers many easy-to-use functions like:

  • Automatic flash for low light shooting: It optimizes the luminescence according to the distance.
  • Fill-in flash by flash on button: It enhances the photo using the back lighting.
  • Lighten and Darken control: The Exposure compensation enables the user to get the right mood.Fujifilm Instax-Wide-300

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Yasunobu Nishiyama, Managing Director Fujifilm, said, “At Fujifilm, we are committed to bringing in constant innovation. The Instax series is a range of instant cameras with remarkable features that appeal to different age groups and usage patterns. Aided with better technology and features, the wide format photography enables capturing every facial expression and object feature with a lot of clarity and sharpness. In addition, these cameras are perfectly equipped for professional photography and specialised photography for weddings, parties, birthdays and other memorable events.”

Fujifilm-Instax-Wide-InstaxThe ease of using the camera has been further enhanced with the Tripod socket useful for group photos, Focal Zoom Dial (90 cm – 3 m) and User friendly interface. Its shooting range is empowered with a real image finder 0.37 x with target spot and motor driven 2 range switching. Power packed with in built automatic electronic flash and Liquid Crystal Display, it has a capacity of 10 film packs. It weighs exactly 612 g without the batteries strap and film with dimensions measuring 167.8 X 94.7 X 120.9 mm.

Price in India

Fujifilm’s new instant camera is portable, fun, easy to use and thus perfect to capture your precious moments wider priced at just Rs.9550.