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What Is The Difference Between WiFi And Bluetooth

Wifi and Bluetooth technologies are ever-expanding in the modern world where we continuously interact with gadgets and all types of devices. They save us trouble connecting with tangling cables and simply make the experience so much smoother and more enjoyable. At the same time, Bluetooth and WiFi are similar technologies and they were originally designed for their own, unique purposes.

To know your wireless tech, you need to understand the differences between these two widely used technologies. While we commonly understand that Bluetooth is used for communication between two devices and Wifi establishes a connection between multiple devices most of the time provides those devices with the access to the internet.

Bluetooth is a patent technology that is licensed to be used in various types of devices. It is not just limited to mobile phones now. We can observe Bluetooth technology in mobile phones, smartwatches, headphones, laptops, and many more where electronics are involved.

Wifi connections are linked with routers and they connect with the devices wirelessly to provide an internet connection. They are the primary source of Wireless Internet connections and wifi technology has allowed remote internet connections. Before this, computers were needed to be directly connected to the router devices through wires.

Bluetooth enables the transfer of media and files between various devices but it cannot be used to be a source of the internet until now. It is wifi only that allows wireless internet connections and their range is much larger than the wireless Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth connections can spread around 30 feet while wifi connection range is much wider depending on the amplifying power of different routers.

Mobile phones are also now enabled to become Wifi Hotspots as they are able to provide internet connections. The wifi technology continues to evolve and its signal strength and range continue to increase with the coming times. Wired ethernet connections strength was once considered to be formidable but it is also matched along with the convenience by Wifi technology.

Benefits of Wifi and Bluetooth Technologies

Mostly, the Bluetooth technology is used for two-way communication where both parties can send and receive data. Although wifi supports this feature it is not commonly observed. It has always been regarded as a source of internet signals. Wifi routers receive internet connectivity through wires, either through fiber optic cables that are trending for much faster data transfer, or coaxial and twisted pairs that have been around for quite some time.

Routers send and receive data through cables from the back end, router’s wifi technology is then responsible to create the availability of wireless internet connections. It has been a great support to unleash networking opportunities for global internet users. The costs for setting up home or commercial internet connections are reduced to much less level. Also, the physical infrastructure requirements have reduced drastically and internet connectivity can be established in much less time.

Meanwhile, if we evaluate the Benefits of Bluetooth technology, the utilities of several modern-day devices have increased significantly with the deployment of Bluetooth services. We are able to have smartwatches, headphones, televisions, and many other devices you can name are making use of this technology.

While technologies are rapidly evolving and the race to 5G is now vehement among global powers, data will be shared within microseconds. Stay tuned to the latest technological updates as you wouldn’t want to stick to the outdated ones.