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Complan Boy and ace Indian cricketer, R. Ashwin unveils the first ever largest Complan Cup in Tamil Nadu and announces the hunt for ‘Complan Kids’

Chennai, 27th October, 2015: Tamil Nadu’s very own Complan Boy and India’s leading cricketer, R. Ashwin unveiled the first ever largest Complan Cup and announced a city wide hunt for ‘Complan Kids’. This is no simple cup, but the first ever live hoarding on a cup. He invited mothers in Tamil Nadu to send in photographs of their Complan boy/girl and all pictures will be pasted on the cup.

  1. Ashwin shared that he is proud to be a Complan Boy because he grew up drinking Complan and that he is delighted that his and Tamil Nadu’s favorite Classic Chocolate flavor is back in Tamil Nadu!

The hunt for ‘Complan Kids’ was initiated with an intention to bring awareness about the importance of a complete nutritious diet for a growing child, especially when children may not finish their meals and thereby end up not getting sufficient nutrition.

The deadline to submit photographs for the city-wide hunt is November 15th 2015. Mothers submitting their entries will also stand to get a personalized replica of the Complan cup with pictures of Complan kids along with the R.Ashwin’s signature so they can give the Complete Planned Milk Drink to their kids in the collectible Complan Cup.  Ten lucky kids will also stand to have a meet and greet with R. Ashwin.

Nutrition is a primary concern among mothers when it comes to their child’s diet. Growing children need much more nutrition and mothers in Tamil Nadu really care about giving their kids complete nutrition to meet their needs to grow well. But kids may leave their meal unfinished or may prefer to eat junk food. Lack of complete nutrition affects the overall growth and development. Complan, made up of 100% milk protein and 34 vital nutrients bridges nutrition gaps and helps in their holistic growth and development.

Speaking about his association with Complan, R. Ashwin said, “I am a Complan boy. I have grown up drinking it. It is very important for every child to receive the right kind of nutrition while growing up. Through this initiative, we would like to applaud Complan Mothers for making the right nutrition choice. I am also equally happy to announce the comeback of TN’s favourite Classic Chocolate flavor which was my favourite and was all along with me while my growing up years is now back in the market.

He further added, “Complan is made up of 100% milk protein, which means it retains all the goodness of milk. Complan’s Classic Chocolate flavour not only tastes good but also ensures that children, who are fussy eaters, like I was when I was a kid, receive the essential vitamins and nutrients which are required to reach their full potential”.

Complan’s Classic Chocolate flavour is available at all traditional and modern retail outlets across Chennai in 500 g packs at Rs. 235.