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What Can We Expect From Mobile Apps in 2018

Trends set to take 2018 by storm in the mobile app industry are indeed no ‘mickey-mouse’ type of upgrades or even your regular, required updates which inevitably only offer up much of the same-old-same type of fan-fare and usability as has been done before.

Nope, this time, in 2018, the trends users can expect to see floating around the world wide web will be offers of mobile apps that are designed to add functionality, quality and just a little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ – or loosely (and colourfully) translated as, that certain ‘little something that I don’t quite know what to call’, but makes it absolutely phenomenal – yes, ma’am mobile apps in 2018 are set to blow your mind into some techy-haven.

A few clear indications that the tide seems to have been swaying toward the possibility of top-level mobile app reliability and usability can be seen when taking a closer look at some of the more obvious (and mind-blowing) mobile app trends, as listed below, for mobile app consumption via engagement in 2018.

1.The AMP Invasion

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) innovative approach to mobile pages began its journey via Google’s AMP project. Mobile apps for 2018 are set to have an all-inclusive AMP capability, as well as the fact that Google has also promised to deliver on an isolated search index for the mobile web is a great trend to watch out for in 2018.

AMP is set to revolutionise mobile apps and the industry through and through. Accelerated Mobile Pages equates to a quicker (accelerated) load time of mobile web pages on the mobile device which, accordingly, bodes well for all implications of optimum mobile app development approaches.

Superb examples of how best AMP measures take place would be when taking, for example, a top mobile gaming app like mFortune and making the decision to download the app, knowing that all gaming titles you are keen on playing will be able to experience an accelerated load time, due to the AMP measures put in place makes the decision all the more appealing.

2. Cloud-Based Apps

Nothing is more undeniable as for us, living knee-deep in the sea of a digital-cyber-mode than the very real, always need, for most anybody these days – and that is the need for – nay, the PLIGHT for more storage space on our mobile devices!

This is precisely why a big trending factor for the mobile app industry in 2018 is a top-notch cloud-based app, where storage is not an issue, and where cross-platform compatibility is encouraged and supported. Think Google Drive here; a great example of a user-friendly, top-level type of cloud-based app.

3. Lazy Loading Alert

This mobile app trend is especially dedicated to all the mobile app consumers that have a ‘pet-peeve’ and a penchant for really not-loving having to wait (and wait and wait and wait…) for a particular mobile page to load up, and all because an image or two on the webpage is just not loading up quickly enough – hello, pet-peeve!

Thanks to some rather tech-savvy dudes over at ‘the world wide web’, Lazy Loading is a newly-found solution to this image delay-in-load-up hiccup in mobile apps. The fact that Lazy Loading allows for the image to only load when it is that images ‘turn’ to display conserves energy and the time needed to load up the mobile page in its entirety.

In Summation

This year, 2018 marks the first of many steps taken towards a faster, sleeker, smoother, crisper, more responsive and all-around engaging type of experience that users can expect from all top-notch mobile apps, from now and onwards.