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Can be the Deebot a Good Rival For The Roomba?

Roomba and Deebot vacuum cleaners have always faced stiff comparisons to know which one is the best. However, Roomba is a well-known vacuum cleaner in the market, and people have still misunderstood any robot cleaner for Roomba. Therefore let’s battle it up to know which is the best vacuum cleaner between Roomba and Deebot vacuum cleaners.

Run-time and battery life

Deebot vacuum cleaners last for about 100-120 minutes when fully charged. Its latest models have resume and recharge features which makes them suitable for large rooms. This feature makes it ideal for more extended performance when cleaning the room.

However, Roomba, on the other hand, works for only 60 minutes which makes it limited to be used just for small rooms. Therefore, this clearly shows that Deebot has a longer lasting battery and if you have a bigger house, definitely go for it.


Roomba has a powerful motor which is noisy anytime the device is picking up debris and dirt. This noise makes it irritating therefore you will be required to leave it running when you are outdoor. However, Deebot, on the other hand, is much quieter hence it doesn’t produce irritating sound. It implies it can continue cleaning while you are doing other house chores without any disturbance. Therefore, if you dislike loud noises from your vacuum cleaner, I recommend that you go for Deebot basing on its cool nature.

Bare Floor Cleaning Performance

The most robot vacuum cleaner works best on the bare floor. If you don’t have a carpet you, therefore, need not worry. However, the big question is which one is suitable between Roomba and Deebot vacuum cleaners. Roomba is well suited for cleaning medium and thin carpets. It is not well suited for cleaning bare floors because it doesn’t have the mopping feature which is essential for bare floors.

On the other hand, Deebot robots are popularly known for their mopping features. This makes it have outstanding performance when it comes to cleaning bare floors. It will remove dust and debris from the floor thus leaving it fresh and cleaning.


When it comes to aspects of price, most people think that robot vacuum cleaners are expensive, but that is not the case. Let us know to find out between Deebot and Roomba which one will favor your budget. Roomba vacuum cleaners are estimated at approximately between 250$-800$ depending on the model and the design. On the other hand, Deebot is comparatively cheaper, and you can get one at nearly 150$ which is twice less than the market price. Therefore, it is evident that Deebot won’t stretch your wallet compared to Roomba. Thus, therefore, makes it have the upper hand over Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Easy-to-Release Bin

Vacuum cleaners have popping bins when removing dirt hence you don’t have to struggle to remove the bins. Furthermore, spills have been minimized because bins have hinged lid. Let us now see which one is more convenient when it comes to trapping dirt. Roomba has a mesh filter which makes it difficult in catching dust. On the other hand, the Deebot vacuum cleaner has a larger bin compared to Roomba vacuum cleaner which is twice bigger in size. It holds a maximum of 750 ml of debris and dirt.

Cleaning Stages

The Roomba vacuum cleaner has a three-stage cleaning cycle. The brushes remove dust, dirt, and debris which are concentrated to the center of vacuum path. The second stage is loosening debris and dust from the floor which is facilitated by counter-rotating bristle brushes extractors. The last stage motor propagated suction of dirt into the collection bin.

The Deebot, on the other hand, has a five-stage cleaning cycle. The first three stages are similar to that of the Roomba vacuum cleaner. The 4th and 5th stages are optional depending on your choice. The fourth stage is using mopping attachments which uses water, and the fifth stage is mopping it up using the mopping head. Therefore, for extensive cleaning, I will recommend that you choose the Deebot vacuum cleaner for your house.

Mobile Apps and Remote Controls

The Roomba vacuum cleaner has intuitive and user-friendly apps that are used to control the robot. By using the app, you can synchronize it to the network, and you can even give a name to the device. You can start spots cleaning or stop cleaning cycles.

On the other hand, the Deebot vacuum cleaner which is similar to that of Roomba. Interestingly, I noticed that the apps are easy to use compared to the Roomba vacuum cleaner. Additionally, the remote will do everything for you especially when you are attending to outdoor activities, and it doesn’t require Wifi connectivity.

Filters Design

Deebot vacuum cleaner has a high –efficiency filter that reduces airborne transmission of allergens which makes it suitable for people who are suffering from respiratory infections like asthma and those who have breathing problems.

Roomba vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, has Aerovac filter to reduce dust and debris. However, some buyers tend to improve on it but they eventually end up with reduced suction power on the device, and it will also require that it should be run at higher temperatures thus damaging its battery.


Height is essential when choosing the best cleaner to go for. It is because height determines the ability of the vacuum cleaner to clean under furniture with lower bases. Therefore, Roomba has a height of 3.6 inches whereas Deebot, on the other hand, has and a height of 3.1 inches. It implies Deebot can clean furniture effectively with lower bases than Roomba vacuum cleaner.


The two devices are navigation robots which imply they move around the house randomly while cleaning. Both have almost similar navigation features like cliff detection sensors which prevents them from flipping downstairs. However, Deebot is more sophisticated since it has smart sensor protection which prevents it from colliding with the furniture during the cleaning process.


Wrapping it up, it is clear from the battle that Deebot vacuum cleaner is more efficient and effective than the Roomba vacuum cleaner. Therefore, for the closer comparison, you can search for this review. You will enjoy its experience more than Roomba. I, therefore, find Deebot a better vacuum cleaner and I would recommend you to try it out and enjoy its overwhelming features. It is found at a lower price. All you need to do is to identify where to get one for yourself and be part of team Deebot vacuum cleaner.”