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Best Times to Post Reels on Instagram

If you want to overcome the Instagram Reels algorithm and enhance how you utilize Instagram for your business, knowing the ideal time to publish is crucial. It will increase the number of people who see your material, which will enable you to gain more Instagram followers and develop your business. The most consistent interaction will be produced by concentrating on the optimal time to post. And more participation will speed up the viral spread of your Reels. This tutorial will teach you when to publish Reels on Instagram, when not to post Reels, and how to circumvent the Instagram Reels algorithm to increase likes, engagement, comments, and followers.

Because of the fact that it varies on your target audience, picking the optimum time to upload Instagram Reels can sometimes be hard. But there are a few moments of day when Instagram users are the most active. The three top Instagram Reels publishing times for each day of the week were determined by Influencer Marketing Hub.

Best times to post:

Monday: 6 AM, 10 AM, and 10 PM

Tuesday: 2 AM, 4 AM, and 9AM

Wednesday: 7 AM, 8 AM., and 11 PM

Thursday: 9 AM, 12 AM and 7 PM

Friday: 5 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM

Saturday: 11 AM, 7 PM, and 8 PM

Sunday: 7 AM, 8 AM, and 4 PM

These times are an excellent place to start if you want to increase interaction on Instagram. But these moments might not always be ideal for your Instagram Reels. Every audience is distinct, and their Instagram engagement is too. This implies that the ideal posting time is constantly variable. In order to identify the best posting time for your audience, you must carefully research your own audience if you want to maximize audience interaction. The optimal time to share Reels on Instagram varies with each account, in reality. In order to do this, you must consider and analyze the following:

                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Image Credits-CNBC)

Location of Target Audiences

You must be aware of the location of your target market in order to determine the ideal time for posting Instagram Reels. With 1 billion active monthly users spread all over the globe, Instagram has an international potential audience. This means that when you post, you must correctly reflect the time zones. You won’t receive the response you desire if you upload Instagram Reels when your audience is sleeping. The peak engagement times are greatly influenced by time zones.

Knowing your audience’s location is also important because it can influence the kind of material you post. Your Instagram content should always be relevant to your audience’s location. This should be rather evident if your primary focus is local marketing.

Discover where your fans are first. You may view Instagram Insights, which displays the locations or nations where your followers are based, if you have a business account. Open Instagram, go to your profile, press on Insights, and then tap on Total Followers to find this data. The screen for your follower breakdown will then appear. Continue scrolling until you reach Top Locations. This can be viewed as either cities or nations. You can clearly see where your audience is by doing this.

By using this data to determine the time zone where the majority of your audience is located, you can choose the best posting hours. The optimum times to post are typically early in the day and around noon. Avoid speaking to your audience at night or during the busiest workdays.

When is your audience awake/asleep?

You may use this information to boost engagement now that you are aware as to where the audience is situated. To achieve this, you must understand when your audience is awake and adjust your posting accordingly. You have two options: either utilize an analytics program or do it yourself. You must be aware of your audience’s various time zones in order to manually optimize your posting.

Let’s assume that the US makes up half of your audience and the UK makes up the other half. This indicates that you will need to make accommodations for their roughly 8-hour time difference. The time zone gap is really only roughly two hours if half of your audience is in Japan and the other half is in Australia. With this knowledge, it can be challenging to determine the ideal posting schedule for Instagram Stories. You can access fundamental scheduling features if you have an Instagram business account. You must interactively post Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels because this isn’t compatible with them.

Create a content calendar that takes the primary geographic locations and time zones that make up your audience into account. Only plan content for the periods when the largest proportion of your audience is active. You may either manually upload Instagram Reels or automate this process using a social media management platform. If there are significant time zone disparities, managing this can be challenging. Testing out which time zones encourage greater engagement when you post is the best course of action.

When to post?

If you aren’t utilizing a social media tool to track the busiest posting hours, you can determine the optimal time to post manually. This would also be a smart move if you want to determine which of your audience’s many various time zones gives the highest levels of interaction. Pick five separate times throughout the week to accomplish this. Write down the number of views and likes you received for each Instagram Reel you publish during each of these times.

Do this once more the following week, but change the dates and times for every social media post. For instance, during the first week, upload your Reel at 6 AM, and during the second week, post it at 6 PM. Over the course of a few weeks, keep implementing this social media strategy until you begin to notice patterns. You’ll soon be able to decide when it’s ideal to submit your Reels every day. Although it requires some work, the outcomes are always precise and tailored to your target audience. The ideal moment to publish Reels on Instagram is right now. There are a few optimum posting times to take into account if you are targeting a specific area. Different regions’ audiences behave differently; it’s not just a matter of time zone. To ensure that you submit your Reels at the ideal time, it’s critical to comprehend accurately how your audience uses Instagram. 

There are a few optimum posting times to take into account if you are targeting a specific area. Different regions’ audiences behave differently; it’s not just a matter of time zone. To ensure that you submit your Reels at the ideal time, it’s critical to comprehend accurately how your audience uses Instagram.

Benefits of planning your posts

The most pertinent and well-liked content is what people see when using the Instagram algorithm. Instagram will interpret a high level of engagement on your Reel right away as evidence of high-quality material. This implies that it will suggest the Reel to more Discover feeds, aiding in your viral growth.

Your likelihood of becoming viral is substantially lower if your Reel has no engagement for several hours after it is released. Reels are among the best ways to obtain a good amount of reach and exposure on Instagram, so it’s vital to keep that in mind. So, if you want to get the most of this function, concentrate on making your posting time as efficient as possible.

Although you may be aware of the ideal posting times, you must comprehend how the Instagram Reels algorithm functions if you want to get the most views and engagement. You’ll be in command of one of the largest growth tactics on the social media platform if you completely grasp the Instagram Reels algorithm.

Instagram reels algorithm

When examining the Instagram algorithm, reels have always been a little mysterious. Engagement levels for Instagram Reels are entirely different from those for regular Instagram posts and Stories. When we discuss the Instagram Reels algorithm, we are referring to the process by which content is turned into a suggested post on the Explore page. In essence, Instagram suggests to users the kinds of content they have previously expressed an interest in. In light of this, publishing on a certain niche or subject facilitates connecting with the appropriate audience. There are a lot more things to think about besides simply this. This includes elements like content that is gaining a lot of momentum and content that adheres to a particular trend. 

How to get maximum engagement?

1. Be Unique

The fact that Instagram Reels give users a more entertaining and interesting perspective is one of their best features. Reels are a little more realistic than ordinary postings, which can take hours to pose for and edit, which is a terrific way to showcase your personality. Find your distinctive quality by keeping this in mind. Simply be authentic and allow your individuality to emerge. There is no need to attempt to “perfect” Reels. Draw attention to your weaknesses and challenges while showcasing what makes you special in your reels. You’ll start to establish a much better relationship with your followers after you discover your individuality. In the end, this translates to higher interaction, more views, and far more Instagram fans. 

2. Be regular

The first step is to determine when to post. You must now be sure to post regularly in order to take advantage of the optimum posting period. Although it may seem apparent, creating more material is a surefire approach to increase interaction. This does not imply that you ought to spam your followers or produce subpar content simply to get more Reels out of your account. The positive part is that Instagram Reels are a little more casual, so you don’t need to worry as much about original content concepts. They could only be used to make brief updates to your life. And as you upload more Reels, you’ll start to grow better at producing this kind of content.

3. Make a schedule

Another no-brainer, but make sure to plan your material for this time when you identify the ideal posting period. You can achieve this with the assistance of an assortment of social media scheduling tools. Planning your posts at the correct time will significantly increase their levels of interaction, whether it’s your personal best time to share or the ideal time to post that we recommend. And this builds upon itself. The position of your Reels on the Instagram Explore page will improve the more immediate engagement you receive on them. Only more views and greater engagement will emerge from this.

4. Keep up with challenges

One of the best methods to get a great deal of publicity on TikTok and Instagram Reels is to participate in viral challenges. Join any entertaining, popular challenges you come across, being sure to utilize the proper hashtag. You will gain a lot more exposure as a result, and your Instagram account may gain more followers. Additionally, if you don’t want to participate in a trending challenge, you may always try to invent your own. Encourage social media users to participate in your customized hashtag challenge by offering a prize. Your challenge might be anything—a dance, a unique way to promote your brand, etc. Here, be imaginative. An good strategy to increase exposure through user-generated content is to launch a challenge.

5. Hashtag it

Utilizing the ideal publishing times will increase Instagram engagement, and adding hashtags will increase the visibility of your Reels. If you intend to broaden the audience for your content, identify and use relevant hashtags. By doing this, you’ll make it simpler for your target audience to locate the content they’re looking for. Just be careful to stick to hashtags that relate to your Reel. 

6. Collaborate

Utilize cross-promotion if you would like your Instagram Reels to reach a wider audience. This strategy involves collaborating on a post or series of posts with another Instagram user whose audience is similar to yours. They may reach your audience, and you can reach theirs, making this a win-win strategy. Just make sure the person or company you work with has a comparable target market as you do. There is no purpose in working together if their audience is not the same as your target demographic.


Reels are often best posted in the morning or around noon. The best times to post depend on where your audience is situated, so be sure to do so within their local time. The worst day to submit Reels is typically Wednesday. If you constantly and strategically upload Reels, Instagram will give your content priority. According to Instagram, you should publish 5–7 Reels every week, or roughly 1 Reel per day. Post stuff frequently and at the appropriate times. This will significantly impact how engaged you are. Just be sure to concentrate on producing high-quality material, and know when to post it.