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Best Online Paper Writing Tools

The best way to get better at paper writing is to find tools that help you develop the skills you need to excel. Writing skills are something that can be built over time. With the right tools, you can build these skills and develop excellence that will remain with you through your school years and in your future career.

1. Citation Generators

Every student remembers creating a Works Cited or Reference page for their paper. This is among the most tedious parts of paper writing. Citations include information to help identify a source. However, there are different rules depending on the type of source that it is. Using a citation generator can save a lot of time. However, remember to double-check the reference and be sure your citation is formatted according to the proper writing style guide.

2. Plagiarism Checkers

Educators take plagiarism very seriously. While there may be times when they will let something slide, such as in the case of a few misquoted words, cheating is a serious paper writing offense. Plagiarism checkers test copy against other information on the Internet and in the database to detect duplicate information. This prevents serious consequences like a failing grade on the paper, a failing grade in the class, or even expulsion from school altogether.

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3. Source Organization Tools

Have you ever lost reference information while writing your first draft? This is a problem because you may have to sort through dozens of sources to find where it came from. Source organization tools help you keep notes with their appropriate sources. If you cannot spring on this, consider writing your source information and notes on note cards. This will help you as you start to form the outline, too, since you can physically move the notes around.

4. Text-to-Speech Tools

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to painfully type out each word of your paper? Text-to-speech tools are designed to work with the software on your computer. You can use them while researching, taking notes, and writing your paper. This cuts back on the amount of time that you actually spend writing. Additionally, you might find yourself more motivated to get the job done.

5. Writing Checkers

There is nothing worse than working hard on a paper, only to receive a poor grade because of errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Some writing checkers focus on the basics, while others also indicate errors in context or sentence style. Another good alternative is writing services or having a peer review it. This gives your writing the chance to be looked over by an actual person. Even though people are faulty, they understand errors in writing that a computer program may not be able to.

6. Thesaurus

Using a thesaurus has several benefits for writing. First, you can use it to help your writing stand out as an original. By helping you understand synonyms for a word, you can broaden your vocabulary and develop a better sense of how to organize your ideas. Additionally, you can use this information while paraphrasing or sharing information from sources. This is a useful way to share ideas and support your thesis without worrying about plagiarizing information directly from the source.


Using paper writing tools and reviewing papers written by companies like Write My Paper 123 can help you improve your writing skills. Perfecting your writing abilities will benefit you now and in the future. Additionally, as long as you continue to use the skills, you will never lose them. You’ll find the ability to write well benefits you in many areas of life.