Astrum HT600 On-Ear Wireless Headphones Review!

The wireless headphones market is on the rise with new and big consumer electronic brands entering in this segment with their own wireless headsets. A relatively new company, Astrum, is looking forward to getting into this segment with its latest offering, a premium wireless on-ear headphones called the Astrum HT600. Astrum is a Hong Kong-based consumer electronics brand.

Astrum HT600 On-Ear Wireless Headphones Review

Build Quality

Righ off the bat, the Astrum HT600 have an excellent build quality. The wireless headphone comes neatly packed in the box. Take the headphones out and it looks and feels so much better than most wireless headphones available in the market. The HT600 comes with the user manual, USB cable, audio cable, and pouch.

The HT600 headphone can be folded so that it occupies less space and is very light in weight at 140 grams. Therefore, it is a perfect travel companion. It also comes with a built-in mic, therefore, you can easily answer your calls through it.

Put the Astrum HT600 wireless headphones on and you will know how comfortable these headphones are. It feels absolutely weightless as after a while I forgot that I still had them over my head. The ear cups, though small in size, are made from soft leather that allows you to keep them on for hours.

on ear wireless headphone

As I said, the ear cups are small, therefore, they do not enclose your ear, rather they just stay on your ear. The headband is also made from the soft leather which is used to make the ear cups. Therefore, it is equally soft to touch. The extended headband is made out of plastic but the plastic feels durable and I have no complaints about it.

The HT600 has rounded ear cups from the outside which gives it a unique and decent style. All the controls of these wireless headphones are built on the left ear cup. These controls include ON/OFF, Volume UP/DOWN which, on double tap, will play the previous or the next song accordingly. The left ear cup also has the ports which include the USB charging port, 3.5mm jack, and the built-in mic.

ht600 wireless on ear headphone

Press the ‘Power’ button and the headphones will turn ON with a blue light indicator and with the audio voice that says ‘Welcome’. Now pair them with your smartphones using Bluetooth and the voice will say ‘Bluetooth, get ready’. When you turn OFF the headphones by pressing the power button again, then you will hear a short tone as the headphones turn off. The blue indicator turns red while charging.

The Astrum wireless headphones use the Bluetooth 4.0 technology and NFC to communicate with your smartphones. It has a built-in battery, which, if drains out, you can use the audio cable to connect your smartphone so that it will act as a wired headphone.

The Astrum HT600 wireless headphones use 40mm drivers that work at an audible frequency of 20 Hz – 2.2 KHz. It supports Bluetooth V4.0 CSR, noise cancellation, and voice notification.


Sound quality is what matters in any headphones and the HT600 won’t disappoint. The audio quality is impressive. There is a decent amount of bass for the bass lovers. The headphones aren’t too loud i.e. the sound level feels just right. The HT600 handles the trebles and lows perfectly. The audio clarity is exceptional and you can hear every single string of the music very clearly.

bluetooth headphones

Active noise cancellation makes it even more pleasant to listen to music through these headphones. Although, personally, while using the cable to connect to the smartphone to the headphones instead of Bluetooth, the music quality wasn’t that good in case of some smartphones. Therefore, if you started using the headphones first by connecting them via audio cable to your smartphone, you may not be able to hear the high-quality sound that these headphones are capable of delivering. Therefore, I recommend you should use Bluetooth.


The Astrum HT600 wireless headphones have a 200 mAh battery which gives up to 8 hours of non-stop playing time. Therefore, on my average 1 hour each day of using these headphones, the battery lasted me for an entire week. This is very impressive as, for most of the time, I played the music at 80% of the maximum volume. It will take close to 2 hours to charge the battery completely.


The Astrum HT600 is priced at Rs 4,999 on Amazon. These headphones are competitively priced and will be a great buy in its segment. The HT600 offers great audio quality, good build quality, good battery life and are quite comfortable.

astrum ht600 bluetooth headphones

Therefore, if you are looking for a premium looking on-ear wireless headphone that offers impressive sound quality,  and long battery life then this wireless headphone is for you.



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