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Cooler Master Notepal D-Lite 15 Inch Laptop Cooler Hands-on Review

When it comes to buying new laptop, most of the consumers do sufficient amount of research, but when it comes to maintenance, very few seems to care unless their laptop starts screaming for help. The very first gadget that your laptop need for consistent performance is a Laptop Cooler!

Say No to Cheap Coolers! …. But Why?

Obviously, consumers do not want laptop cooler as long as their touchpad starts heating up or sometimes even keys are getting hotter as hell. And in such cases buying a cheap cooler wont be a good choice.  Cheap coolers have lower RPMs for their fans compared to quality product that costs approximately twice. Lower RPM means you apparently get insufficient cooling than what your hot lappy deserves. So try to increase that budget and trust me, you will thank me later.

Second thing I hate about cheap coolers are, they are very poorly built. These are mostly tough or recycled plastic that is susceptible to breakage even with small blow or drop. I wonder why should we take risking our laptop that costs thousands just to save 300-500 bucks?


Cooler Master Notepal D-Lite Laptop Cooler Review

As I have trashed might have pissed of lot of after market cooler makers in above introduction, I have to talk about a real deal that is not only comes in budget but serves as a great value for money product. So, this is the product of the week that I have selected for your laptops up to 15 inch size – Cooler Master Notepal D-Lite!


The very first impression that this cooler builds when you get your hands on this cooler is, it’s very solidly built. It has been designed to take on the heavy 15 inch laptops and carry the weight for prolonged times. No matter how roughly you use this laptop cooler, it will always be there to cool your laptop down. Despite of its solid body, this cooler is not much heavy. So it can fit well in the extra compartment of your laptop bag. (But wont fit in  a slim laptop bags that tend to have almost no extra space.)

The cooler measures – 346 x 269 x 53 mm, serves as a good holding for any laptop size up to 15 inch. As I have tested several sizes, I managed it to use firmly for up to 15.4 inch HP Pavillion G6-2010AX!


Like any other cooler this one is powered by USB port that consumes no more than 1.7 Watts of power, and has an additional extra USB-In on the same spot. So even if you plug-in this cooler in one of your limited USB ports, you can use same port for connecting pen drive as shown in following image. The USB cable have slots underside of the cooler, so cable wont be hanging around the cooler, when you are carrying it somewhere.


There is a single big fan that is located in a center that measures 140 x 140 x 15 mm. This fan serves whopping 1400 RPM, which is pretty good for such budget priced cooler. Now this cooler will keep your laptop under controlled temperature in many resource intensive tasks. But note that, it wont keep it very cool while playing games. During heavy & prolonged gaming session laptop temperature will remained well within limits, but you will still feel some heat near G & H keys. But it will not be so high that your fingers will feel the burn.  If you are considering this cooler for gaming, it will keep your laptop well maintained. But if you are expecting your laptop to run supercool for intense gaming sessions, try going in some higher ranges.


Price of Cooler Master Notepal D-Lite

The laptop cooler has been priced at Rs.799 at popular online store and you can even find some good bargains locally.


Overall, at the price of Rs.799 or less, Cooler Master Notepal D-Lite is a value for money deal for any laptop you own. Its solid build, high RPM fan & easy portability makes is must have accessory for any laptop user!

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