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Ambrane PW-11 Wireless Power Bank Review (10000 mAh)

Wireless charging has been around for quite a long time for flagship smartphones, but we have rarely seen good accessories being made for these devices. Ambrane PW-11 power bank disrupts this trend by offering wireless charging facility, so you can charge wireless on the go. Let’s dive deep into its performance and feature in our two weeks test drive with this wireless power bank.

Ambrane PW-11 Wireless Charging Powerbank Review

If I have to compare with traditional wired power banks, it is by no means slim or light than anything out there. But Ambrane has done a fabulous job at making this wireless charging device look highly premium. It has a glossy, high-quality plastic body flushed with the wireless charging platform on the top.

The wireless platform has a big wireless charging sign, where you can keep your smartphone to get instant power. Below the symbol is the Ambrane branding, and there is single power on/off button on the right side. The same button also helps you wake the display up. The wireless charging platform on the top has chrome edge surrounding all four sides making the overall look pretty classy. The size of Ambrane PW-11 is not quite pocketable, forcing you to carry it in your hands, Ambrane has made sure the device looks elegant.

The display has a bright white color that shows how much battery is charged If the power bank is being charged (IN) or if the power bank is charging the device (OUT) along with standard voltage and current info like 5.0V, 2.1A. It looks impressive on the glass like a top and bright enough to read even in the dark. Ambrane has well through the design as the big wireless charging sign slightly glows in the dark with radium effect. This effect is pretty convenient when you have to keep the phone on charging at night time and if the room has the light turned off.

Along with the wireless charging features you can also use this power bank to charge phones that do not support wireless charging. For this ambrane has provided 2 USB outputs on the top, which helps you simultaneously charge two USB devices at once. Keeping up with the trending technology, they have also provided a USB Type C port to charge supporting smartphones faster.  On the left side on the device is a micro USB port for charging this wireless power bank. 

When it comes to performance, Ambrane PW-11 Powerbank takes 8 hours to charge with a low powered adapter, and about 6-7 hours if you are using a 2-ampere adapter. As the output is 2.1A by default, your phones get charged faster. For the iPhone 6s, it took about 2.5 hours to get fully charge and consumed about 30% of the stored charging (with USB cable). So I can quickly charge the phone for three times with this 10000 mAh power bank. 

Ambrane PW-11 Wireless Powerbank Review

Similarly, with the Qi charging feature Samsung iPhone 8S took 1.5 hours to get fully charged with Qi fast charging and consumed 56% of battery.


For the  price of Rs 2,500. , Ambrane PW-11 Wireless Power Bank is great value for money as it strictly removed cables from your life when it comes to smartphones. It’s a no-brainer if you already own a smartphone that supports wireless Qi charging, and I would still recommend buying for non-wireless smartphone users as its also a solid wired powerbank, and you’re future proofing yourself with USB Type C and Wireless charging features for your next smartphones.