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A Giant Robotic Leap: Milagrow introduces one of the World’s 1st Full Wet Floor Cleaning Robot – The AguaBot 4.0!

New Delhi, October 26, 2015:What do you do when you need your house clean- call for domestic help and supervise him/her scrub the floors till they sparkle? Not any longer. Further establishing itself as a front-runner in the field of Domestic Robotics, Milagrown Humantech has announced the launch of Aguabot 4.0, India’s first Robotic Floor Vacuum Cleaner.Now use the most advanced technology to tackle your cleaning requirements in the most humane way possible!

Aimed at providing a technology-driven solution to the domestic cleaning requirements of the Indian population, Aguabot 4.0 is the only such product in the Indian market that comes with an advanced full wet mopping system along with a small water reservoir. The robotic vacuum cleaner also comes loaded with a host of other features such as Robotic 6th Sense, powerful suction and automated suction power control, UV radiation cleaning, automatic obstacle and fall detection, High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, and all-surface cleaning. This not only ensures comprehensive cleanliness solutions, but also minimises the time you will have to invest in supervising the robot.

Speaking on the launch, Rajeev Karwal, Founder and CEO, Milagrow, said, “Considering the situation as it is now in urban India, people no longer have leisure time on their hands. As a result, they have to turn to human helpers for their domestic cleaning requirements. These domestic helpers are not only becoming incrementally costlier by the day, but can often be a cause of security concern considering the rise in petty crimes in the country. In Aguabot 4.0, we have provided the Indian urban workforce with a technology-powered comprehensive cleanliness solution that will address their domestic cleaning requirement and gift them unparalleled convenience of robotic dry and wet cleaning in a single device. Now you no longer need to remain dependent upon unreliable domestic help to take care of your home.”

Furthermore, Aguabot 4.0 also has a battery backup of 120 minutes when fully charged, allowing it to cover 3000 sq ft on a single charge. Add to that the convenience of a robotic scheduling through remote control and automated charging when the battery falls below 15%, and the device offers you complete peace of mind even when you’re not at home.

Aguabot 4.0 Robotic Floor Vacuum Cleaner is now available with a two year warranty on Milagrow Humantech’s website – – at a highly affordable cost of INR 29,990/-. Moreover, to further ease consumer convenience, the company is also offering facilities such as Cash on Delivery (CoD), EMI payments and 30 day replacement guarantee on the product.