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7 Most Innovative Gadgets Coming in 2019

Companies from all over the world are focusing on innovations more than ever before. They are coming up with developments for making the world a better place or just to step up from the competition, just with pushing the boundaries of technology. With the outside of the box thinking, companies had come up with some amazing creations that are still used today.

It doesn’t matter if some innovations will be short-lived, just because maybe they will encourage something greater. Technology is evolving every day and it is hard to keep up, although we must go alongside in order for humanity to evolve with it.

In this article, we will underline some of the brightest innovative products in 2019

ENERQi Invisible Fast Wireless Charger

Nowadays, just because mobile phones are so powerful they tend to consume their battery faster. So the fast and reliable charging process is essential. This wireless charger offers a unique charging experience. You can stick it under the table and will make your furniture a wireless charging station. It is a simple and quality gadget that will not spoil the look of your furniture and yet make your life easier. It is compatible with more than 100 devices, including the newest iPhones and Samsung S10.

Petcube Bites Treat Camera

This gadget is designed to keep track of your pet at home when you are not in the house. It has 138° wide camera so you can see what your pet is doing at home. The cool thing is that you can also give your pet treats that are thrown across the room for a little extra exercise. You can do this remotely through Petcube app and you can also give commands through Alexa. This app can be also useful to horse racing trainers to watch in real time the development of the animal and act immediately in case of sudden health problems.

Groove X Lovot Companion Robot Pet

Companies have been working on advanced robotics for some time. Today, they came up with a robot pet that is designed to trigger your instinct to love. The robot-pet Lovot, can ask for attention, get in your way, and even shies away from strangers. The overall design of the robot is very adorable and they say that Lovot encourages its owners to feel a sense of contentment and relief.

Ring Door View Cam

Soon, the peephole can be a thing of the past. By releasing the latest smart device that is designed to replace the peephole with the camera as well as a doorbell, you can get a much wider and clearer angle of who’s standing outside. The device comes in two parts, the battery portion of the device is placed inside the house and it is all controlled wirelessly.

LG Capsule-Based Beer Making Machine

The home beer brewing is becoming more popular. LG addressed this by making a small (espresso machine size), beautifully designed, beer making machine. It is based on a capsule system so you will just have to buy the capsules and the machine will take care of the rest. The main issue with this is that you cannot speed up the process. One beer making process takes 2 weeks from start to finish and you will get 5 liters of beer. Once is done you must wait for another 2 weeks for your next 5 liters.

Genius Pack Supercharged Carry-On Luggage

If you do a lot of traveling then you will need a charging station for all your devices at your reach. Carrying an external battery charger can be frustrating and is not that powerful. However, there is now a case with a built-in charging station for your devices. Carrying a massive 10,000mAh removable Power Pack will provide you with enough power for recharging for a couple of days. The exterior is durable and it is made of 100% polycarbonate shell which makes it very light.

Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, Tonal fitness system is ideal for you. The device combined all gym experience and personal trainer into one system designed to keep you in shape. It is practical and it can be mounted on your wall, making it easy to exercise even at tight areas.

Tonal will provide you with digital weights that will give you smooth exercise every time. It also keeps track of your heart rate, exercises you’ve done, calories burned and so on.

These are some examples of new innovative devices and the process continues as they are developed and improved every day. Who knows what the future will bring, but it will be best if we make use of the technology that is available today, in order to make our lives easier.

Author: Mario Petkovski