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5 Simple Chair Upgrades To Boost Gamers Concentration!

If you play video games only occasionally, you probably don’t pay much attention to ergonomics. You might be accustomed to playing from an office chair or your home sofa. For an avid gamer however, ergonomics may mean the difference between enjoying your game to the very last minute and breaking it somewhere in the middle.

Here are five seat-related elements that could make you uncomfortable during gaming (and how you can turn things around).

1. Thin padding and poor-quality hardware

The standard office chair resembles PC gaming chairs in shape and build, including height adjustment and castors. However, most of the swivel desk chairs you’ll find are made from cheaper materials and less sturdy hardware. This can be a major problem especially in the long run, given that gamers aren’t exactly known for maintaining good posture. It goes without saying that the regular office chair will wear out fast in parts, making it progressively uncomfortable while gaming.

2. Unfitting posture

Office chairs are built to promote good seating posture. This is not good enough and may be limiting when it comes to gaming. Despite their similarity to PC gaming chairs, the latter are built for comfort and functionality. They come with headrest and offer better lumbar support with detachable cushions and armrests for maximum support. Additionally, gaming seats are designed to tilt much farther back, with cushions that feel every bit like a mattress for resting after prolonged episodes of gaming.

3. Improper design

Design is a key consideration when building a gaming seat. Gameplay hugely influences how the chair should look, which explains why console gaming chairs are markedly different from their PC gaming cousins. Trying to swap one seat with the other will simply not cut it. For instance, no matter how close to the ground you adjust the height of a PC gaming chair, it still will feel awkward to use when playing a console game.

4. Inadequate features

Avid gamers play for many hours, changing postures from time to time to remain comfortable. The seat should make it easy for you to position yourself whichever way you find comfortable. That’s why gaming seats are feature packed. For instance, the L-shaped console gaming chairs are super comfortable, with the top-end ones featuring built-in speakers, wireless systems and subwoofer, plus memory foam padding and RCA stereo inputs – just to mention a few. The simple rule of thumb is, the more features your seat has the more comfortable you’ll be and the less likely you are to get fatigued mid-game.

5. Smaller size for your body

You’ll need a spacious seat to be really comfortable. For a gaming chair therefore, it’s crucial that you find a chair that leaves enough room for you to position yourself in a relaxed and comfortable manner. A child-size unit that can barely accommodate your body can be really wearing.

Believe it or not, top-of-the range gaming chairs are not as expensive as they may seem. Better still, there are enough gaming chair reviews online to help you choose something within your budget.