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5 Reasons Amateur Photographers Should Consider Upgrading Their Camera

Knowing when to upgrade a camera is tough; your current model takes pictures and some of them turn out beautifully, so do you really need a new one? As an amateur photographer, you may balk at the idea of spending money on a camera when you’re still learning and developing as a photographer. But your current camera may be hindering your talent without you even realizing it. Here are five reasons you may want to consider upgrading your camera.

You’re Using Your Smartphone

Smartphone cameras have come a long way, and with instant editing features, amateur photographers can capture some decent quality images with a smartphone. But even if you fell in love with photography thanks to your iPhone, you’re going to reach a point when that phone’s limitations start to chafe.

A phone camera simply isn’t going to focus or zoom the way a digital camera can. Smartphone cases with lens attachments are cool, but the technology hasn’t caught up to those cameras yet. Plus, you lose considerable control in extreme low lighting, and you can forget about night photography altogether. Getting a genuine camera will open up a world of possibilities for the amateur photographer. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of going pro, a new camera has to be your first step.

Your Camera Is Old


Image via Flickr by cogdogblog

Some amateur photographers simply grabbed an old camera lying around the house and started shooting. Others invested in an inexpensive second-hand camera to get the hang of things. Learning on a simple, older camera is smart, because you can learn the basics and develop your style without getting too overwhelmed by features.

That being said, an old camera is going to limit you in some areas of photography. Plus, technology starts to wear out. Cameras have lifespans just like anything else you buy. If your camera isn’t shooting as sharply as it used to, doesn’t focus fast enough, or seems to run out of battery power all the time, you’re probably due for an upgrade. Plus, if even the low-end cameras on the market now have features that put yours to shame, you should invest in something a little newer.

You Want to Explore Different Areas of Photography

You’ve evolved as a photographer since you started shooting, and now you’re ready to really develop your style. You might love shooting macro images, but can’t get as close as you want with your current camera. Maybe your shutter speed isn’t fast enough to grab the sports pictures you love to take. If you consistently run up against a technology issue with your camera that you can’t solve by buying another lens, it’s time to invest in something new.

You Need Different Lenses

Image via Flickr by shumpei_sano_exp1

Sometimes all you need is a different kind of lens to solve your photography woes, but what if your camera is so old you can’t find lenses for it? What if you’re using a plain old digital camera that doesn’t even have lens options? If your camera’s hardware prevents you from using the lenses you need, look for a camera that will grow with your photography needs from a company that offers many lens choices. Upgrade to a Sony digital camera to have a large selection of lenses at your disposal.

You’ll Use the Extra Features

One of the arguments against upgrading a camera is that most amateur photographers aren’t going to use the additional features that come with new cameras. Only you can answer that question for yourself, but it’s worth considering if you’re dissatisfied with your current camera. Maybe you’re the kind of person who needs to switch shooting modes with the push of a button. An upgrade to a camera which allows you to save and switch between modes will improve your photography, since you can more quickly respond to your surroundings.

Think about the camera you have and the photographer you want to become. If your camera consistently gets in the way of your developing new skills, it’s time to give yourself more room to grow and go for an upgrade.