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5 Methods of Improving The Signal of Your Mobile Phone

You can hardly find a person nowadays who doesn’t care about the quality of signal the mobile catches, and many of us have found themselves in a situation when it’s not just a desire, but an emergent and necessary thing. Let’s face it, we depend on our mobiles in many situations, and if you have to climb the nearest tree to phone your friends or boss you should think again if you are really satisfied with the situation. “No signal” sign on the mobile phone monitor is the thing you must get rid of if you really care of your nervous system. There are several ways out here, so you can choose the one that suits you most. But first of all let’s see what the possible reasons of poor cell phone reception are.

Outdoors it can be a high tree, hills, a high building or just bad weather conditions. Inside the building such construction materials as wire mesh, insulation or metal can become an obstacle to a proper and clear signal. But no matter what the reasons of a lousy cell phone signal are you expect to receive and make calls with no interruptions, don’t you? We can’t affect such things as weather or buildings and trees outside, but we can “tame” the signal. The points listed below will give you an idea of some methods, their positive and negative features.


Method 1: Change cellular carrier

1 First of all you can change cellular carriers. This method has advantages in case another carrier is able to offer you better service quality and this can be proved only when you sign a contract and try it out. But what if you are not ready to such changes, if you have little trust in untested providers or have signed a year contract with one and don’t want to lose money?

Method 2: Use a cellular repeater

2 Secondly you can use a cellular repeater that can pick up at least two bars signal and improve cell reception to some degree. Usually they don’t cost a fortune but some of them work only for one service provider so it may just not suit you.

Method 3: Use “high-gain” antenna

3 The third variant is to try “hi-gain” antenna. They are not tied to one location, so give you more freedom but still have two significant disadvantages: at times they don’t improve the signal as much or you can simply not find one at all as very few cell phone manufacturers produce them.

Method 4: Use …your imagination

4 The fourth variant will require your “hand made” skills and rich imagination. I’m speaking about using something like a piece of insulated wire, empty cans, paperclip antennas or just an old radio antenna that is able to add one or two extra bars to the poor signal. But there’s one significant disadvantage here- you may look a bit weird or even stupid with all these devices. So they can be used at home or in the countryside but definitely not in the office in front of the whole team or your boss who can think this is your way to ask for a salary increase. Plus you’ll have to spend some time for finding the all stuff you need and for watching the video instructions on the internet.

Method 5: Use mobile phone signal booster

5 And fifth, possibly more civilized method presupposes using mobile phone signal booster. How does it work? Every time you make a call, your phone automatically binds to the nearest cellular tower that provides the best signal from your carrier. Even if you move about the country this process doesn’t stop, the phone will just automatically transfer your call to another tower.

In fact mobile phone signal booster is able to receive the signal 4 to 10 times more effectively than a usual mobile phone itself can. It doesn’t only catch the signal; it makes it possible to give you better coverage in general. The problem is really relevant in offices where the signal can be very weak and often disconnects drive mad all the employees. Many people find themselves in a situation when they are making a very important call and seeing only on bar on the mobile phone screen they nearly stop breathing, just praying for finishing the call after they’ve discussed everything that was intended. This situation can occur many times during the day! And with only this smart signal booster you can forget it as a nightmare.