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5 Geeky Ways To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Do you remember the resolution you too last year, HaHa, Frankly speaking I even don’t remember the single word about the promises I made to myself and to my love one. Things said even the minute before is hard to remember and when it comes to the New year, definitely many lines of resolution will vanish off as the new year day passes.  But this year I will remember the resolution I will made and will also obey them in the coming year by taking help of the technology and digital world in which I am living. My friend, I think you should also make use of these fabulous technologies to remember what resolution and promises you are making this year. Let us see the following geeky ways to keep your promises:

1. Publish your goals on Social network:

You can publicly expose your goal on the social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter and let your friends known what resolution you took and how you gonna achieve in 11 months and 30 days or may be in life long. ‘Like I will no more speak lie from 1st Jan and will obey the promise for lifelong J’

2. Setting reminders:

If you think that you need to be recalled on the promises you made in the beginning of the year, you can set the reminder on the calendar and can schedule your plan accordingly to obey your promise. This will lessen down the possibility of skipping your promise. ‘Just like my mini goal is to pay off all my credits before the mid of the year and I have set the reminders with small milestones’


3. Dedicated Gadgets:

After you finalize your New Year resolution of becoming good and obedient, you can consider the dedicated device or a gadget to support your implementation of the goal your finalized. Just like ‘I am looking forward for a new Nook or Kindle to motivate myself to read more and to write innovative and impressive’. Similarly you can also plan some dedicated gadgets to support your goal.

4. Find a community

If can be frustrating many times, then you walk alone on the tough road of life and hence it is always better to find the people who can walk with you to make the journey enjoyable. You can join some community, where you can find people like you; having the same approach to life and with them you can move ahead in your resolution. You can also be on social networking and can join or create the community related to your resolution, I am sure you will find many people to support to on your walk to heaven.

5. Start a blog

Lastly, you can create your own blog; where you can write about your commitments and how you are planning to obey them. In achieve your Goal and making your dreams come true, you can even ask your blog visitors to recommend, suggest and guide you to reach closer to your dream world.

So, enjoy the coming New Year with exciting resolution and do try to follow the above tips to remember what you have promised to yourself and to others. Happy New year and have a great coming year.  

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