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5 Degree Programs That Use Innovative Technology

As technology improves in society, more individual career fields are incorporating the newest and greatest tools to help workers do better things in their field. Many jobs and industries use technology for a portion of their daily tasks, but there are some fields that rely on the use of technology for most of their routine. Today’s aspiring college students may opt to choose a field that has a heavy use of technology to help them prepare for some of the top careers in the near future. Here are five degree programs that aim to use the newest innovations in technology.

Here are five degree programs that aim to use the newest innovations in technology.

Instructional Technology

Instructional technology by definition features a large amount of technology usage. Those who study in this subject get necessary skills that help future classrooms learn with technology. Students in instructional technology learn about designing educational tasks with computer software and use new technological devices to help make learning possible for all. Some examples of instructional technology include assistive technology for students with disabilities, interactive websites, digital projects, and online classroom collaboration.


Another field that relies heavily on technology in its scope is cybersecurity. Individuals learning about cybersecurity must have a solid understanding of how cyber criminals gain access to information. That means they must study various forms of computer programming, database analysis, and computer virus technology. Cybersecurity students must also learn about the newest tools that organizations around the world are employing to fight against this increasingly problematic issue for privacy and security of data. Those in this field must aim to stay a step ahead of hackers and other cyber criminals.

Internet Technology

Studying internet technology is another way you can use more technology in your daily work activities. Internet technology professionals use their expert knowledge to help make advances for all aspects of online information. This may mean working in software development for greater information seeking abilities or mobile app development to help companies bring content and services to the general public. Internet technology professionals must be on top of the newest mobile and computer tech tools that help people connect to information sources as well.

Geographic Information Science

Getting a degree in geographic information science is another way you can use technology in your daily activities throughout your career. With an online gis degree from USC, you can begin using top mapping technology tools and detailed satellite data to help organizations improve their location services or geographic planning abilities. This exciting field is positioned to grow as more companies start to take advantage of mapping and technology.

Environmental Science

Lastly, studying environmental science can also put you at the forefront of the newest technologies. The future of environmental technology may have companies working towards more sustainability and greener practices. Those who focus on this aspect of the environment must work on helping develop better and more advanced methods of using the planet’s resources.
If you aim to have a future career that is based on technology, look to these degrees to get your prospects started. Upon graduation, you can feel confident that your field will continue to grow and evolve.