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10 Best Games for Apple TV

Apple TV distinguishes itself from rivals in a number of ways. The Apple TV is capable of managing all of your HomeKit smart home devices as well as streaming video in 4K HDR Dolby Atmos. Additionally, the A12 Bionic chip’s strength enables the smart TV box to play some very great games. Here are the 10 best Apple TV games that are now available for free if you want to enjoy various games on the big screen without spending a lot of money on the top PS5 games. Another aspect that needs to be made clear upfront is that the majority of the games work flawlessly for gaming on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices in addition to Apple TV. 

Apple Arcade provides games for Apple TV. Because of cutting-edge technology that improves user experience with AI-powered voice commands via “Siri,” Apple Arcade services stand apart from those of its rivals. Costs for Apple Arcade begin at $4.99 per month with a free trial. Customers who purchase new handsets through partnerships like Verizon are usually given longer trials by Apple. There are also family subscription arrangements available. Below is a list of some of the best and most popular Apple TV games.

Brownmonster’s Rush Rally 3 has it all: vibrant graphics, dynamic simulations, fluid gameplay, and highly lauded physics that convey a sense of in-game vehicle damage and deformations in real time. The game features stunning gameplay at 60 frames per second and plays seamlessly. Rush Rally 3 is far more realistic and it could provide you with a demanding and feature-rich racing experience. You can take part in live events that let you compete against gamers from all over the world on interesting tracks with exciting automobiles. Cross-platform multiplayer, customizable HUD positions, and better graphics are among the game’s highlights TVs 14.3 or later is required to play the game. 

Epic platformer Rayman Adventures has engaging gameplay. The goal of the game is to assist Rayman and his buddies in rescuing Ancient eggs in order to give the Sacred Tree a fresh lease on life. The game has all the necessary components to provide hours of entertainment, comprising epic quests, well over 55 characters, and various fantastic realms to discover. Not to mention that Rayman Adventures includes approximately 200 levels with a variety of challenges. You will face off against a slew of enemies and traverse enigmatic landscapes filled with undiscovered mysteries in each level. To cut a long story short, unless you employ cunning strategies, you will never be able to escape the situation. It is required to have a game controller to play Rayman Adventures. 


On Apple Arcade, Gameloft released Asphalt 8 in 2021. Asphalt 8 quickly rose to the top of the list of favorite racing games and gained a ton of admiration from gamers for its exceptional gameplay and stunning graphics. Many physics principles are followed by Asphalt 8’s realistic path. In the game, there are four different phases of nitrous oxide that may be used to provide players thrills while driving their cars: blue, yellow, purple, and perfect nitrogen. In addition, it features 75 circuits with fully customizable automobiles, 300 licensed vehicles, and feats that defy gravity. Choose your preferred color for your race car as well as the vinyl components and alloy wheels. Amass every posh vehicle you can, from Bugatti to Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche. On tvOS 13.4 and newer, the game is playable. 

In 2021, Alto’s Odyssey made its Apple Arcade debut. Whether you’re new to the Alto community or have been playing the games for a while, the special version of Alto’s Odyssey will make you pleased with every discovery. The Alto series has always aimed to create the feeling of exploring the outdoors, learning about a new environment, and following one’s curiosity. Players will experience the core gameplay in a way that has never been possible before thanks to brand-new challenges that will put their abilities to the test and an entirely new environment. The gameplay experience has been enhanced in the most recent version. It is compatible with tvOS 11.0 and beyond.


You can play Crossy Road on your Apple TV indefinitely without getting bored. The gameplay is simple but gets highly addictive once you get into it, even though the aesthetics are fairly straightforward. Numerous characters, including robots, animals, barnyards, and more, can be found in this endless arcade hopper. You therefore have a lot of freedom to try out many personalities and then choose on the one that best suits your preferences. Keep in mind that the unlimited arcade hopper is about using your imagination to outwit your competitors. 

A sci-fi role-playing game with lots of action is called Transistor. Gamers enter a new world because to the additional amazing futuristic graphics. Transistor is well-known among gamers for taking a deliberate approach to each stage. Once you start rolling, you can unlock and personalize a ton of different skills. The gaming environment provides an escape into a magical world filled with action, strategy, conflict, and other things. A minimum of an iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2, and iPad 4 are needed to play the Transistor game. The developer of the game is Supergiant Games. On the iPhone and iPad, the game works with iOS 8.0 and later. It requires at least macOS 11.0 for Mac devices. 

Real Racing 3, which promises to give the ultimate racing experience, merits serious attention, especially if you’re looking for a high-octane racing spectacle on Apple TV. A burgeoning collection of over 250 automobiles from renowned producers like McLaren, Ford, Aston Martin, etc. is what distinguishes Real Racing from the competition. It offers little room for complaint when combined with legitimately licensed tunes at approximately 20 real-world locales. The opportunity to participate in more than 4000 events, such as cup races, Formula 1 Grands Prix, endurance competitions, and more, is a noteworthy feature. In the timed multiplayer, you can join any race and take on the AI-controlled equivalents. You may race your way to the top of the leaderboards in Real Racing to make a statement. 

On Apple Arcade, you can play the well-known free-to-play hack-and-slash game Dungeon Hunter 5. Although Dungeon Hunter 5 maintains the hack-and-slash adventure formula which has established the series as successful, there are still a lot more changes that may be made to improve gameplay. Single-player objectives are condensed and delivered in small, highly digestible chunks. In Dungeon Hunter 5’s multiplayer “Stronghold” mode, in addition to single-player tasks, you can face off against other players. Minion cards that you obtain from single-player missions can be placed in your stronghold. The game has demonstrated maturity in implementing appeal and a better gaming experience thanks to its stunning aesthetics and graphics. Versions of tvOS 9.0 and newer work with the game. 

I’ve always loved playing Jetpack Joyride, a game from the creators of the wildly popular Fruit Ninja, because I have a major soft spot for endless running games. Your objective in this game of constant running is to outrun scientists and make it all the way to the lab’s finish. It makes sure that your unending running never gets bored by offering a broad selection of wacky vehicles to ride, the opportunity to collect several milestones, and many power-ups to increase your strength. It’s important to remember that Jetpack Joyride is capable of modification as well. All things considered, it merits recognition as one of the top free Apple TV games. 

In games with a battle theme, Modern Combat 5 excels. It makes no attempt to be anything other than an exact tour across remote regions. One of the best shooting experiences in gaming is provided by auto-sprint, auto-crouch, and aim assist settings in the options menu. With its lifelike graphics and musical effects, Gameloft never fails to astound us. For iOS 9.0 and later, Modern Combat 5 is accessible. 

The games industry is expanding, and players all over the world value the variety that Apple games provide. The best way to unwind from work, television, and movies is to play some games. Everyone can play games on Apple TV, both for free and for money. Playing video games on a large screen will also raise the bar for entertainment. So check out the games listed above and have a blast playing them.