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Zolo Launches MyFirstXP


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:
 Zolo, a category leader, and the largest co-living and student housing brand in India has launched ‘MyFirstXP’, for individuals looking for internships or jobs. The idea stemmed from the Zolo community where the leadership team and all the residents helped individuals who lost their jobs during the pandemic to find another one. The biggest learning the team garnered was that the last mile preparation for the job interview and role-specific knowledge makes a huge impact on the prospect of getting a job. MyFirstXP aims to disrupt the underlying problem of what people learn through various programs and what employers expect from them while hiring.
Commenting on the new launch, Dr. Nikhil Sikri, CEO & Co-Founder, Zolo said, “The pandemic has inspired us to create a platform which could bring a solution that bridges the last-mile gap for students and working professionals in securing the right job. Due to less job contextuality and relevance, a significant number of people fail to get the job of their dreams. Others who want to shift streams find it even tougher. With MyFirstXP, we are hopeful that the first experiences of people would be a win-win situation for job aspirants and employers who hire them through our platform.”
Zolo’s CTO Amit Dixit also added, “To ensure the best outcomes, MyFirstXP has developed India’s most cutting-edge platform backed by Machine Learning Technology that enables Screening, Course dissemination and Interviews till placement. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning models to scale the operations and achieve efficiency in cost and time. And for users, it provides a seamless experience across the touchpoints.”
MyFirstXP’s business head Jawahar Sahukaru, further specified that the vertical offers two programs:
A) XPIntern – A curated program for students seeking internships, with a 360-degree approach beginning with self-assessment, all the way to prepare for the final interviews.
B) XPJobs – A program designed to enhance the skills of professionals looking for a job switch, and people looking for their first jobs.
The experience will take each candidate through a discovery session of their strengths and weaknesses, course planning that develops a 360-development program based on the mentor’s assessment, training sessions where they get one on one mentorship sessions, launchpad that preps them for real-world interviews, professional resumes, video profiles and, last-mile preparation for ‘THE’ interview.

MyFirstXP already has over 5000+ jobs from 600+ corporates onboarded and over 2000 aspirants being screened every day.

About Zolo

Founded in 2015, Zolo has made strong inroads into managed living. The market leader currently offers two kinds of models – Zolo Standard and Zolo Select across all its properties in 10 cities. Zolo offerings are fun, flexible, and functional which ensure a comfortable stay and plenty of activities for its residents to form stronger bonds as a community. Zolo conducts over 200+ community activities every month across all their properties. These shared community experiences are what make co-living fun and engaging for millennials.

Zolo’s mission of redefining the way people choose to live, work, and play is in line with what the next decade consumer wants: experience more, be connected and consume consciously. The team is breathing life back into physical communities with curated online and offline events along with their digital engagement platform Zotribe that coalesces towards their overall goal of ensuring Zolo-ites truly “Love where they Live”.

The team continues to add more verticals that cater to the challenges faced by their customers. In March 2021 the team also added a new vertical – ZeAssetz: India’s first and largest tech-enabled co-living property investment platform. They now add a new vertical, MyFirstXP that will make their first steps into the professional world easier.

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