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Yaksha – Tech Assessment Engine to Onboard, Deploy and Skill Tech Talent With Clinical Precision

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:

 Yaksha has emerged as the preferred partner for assessments to L&D, recruiters and delivery alike in technology companies. While covid-19 crisis rendered most organizations’ talent management efforts to be limited to online means, Yaksha is helping hiring managers find right fits to the tech roles, L&D managers to find skill gaps, plan for upskilling, and deploy teams with right skillsets for new and existing projects.

In addition to conducting knowledge and skill-based assessments, Yaksha is also substituting face to face interviews on its platform enabling hiring managers to conduct coding interviews with ease.  When it comes to continuous learning and development, Yaksha accurately evaluates the skill profile of each employee through multiple assessments.

While there are a few players currently in the market that offer assessment services, some aim to solve assessment problems of hiring problems, while some focus on L&D efforts – what makes Yaksha unique is its ability to be integrated during any step of the talent management process. It is also the only platform that allows multi-file assessments (Ability to test more than one technology through a single assessment) in addition to single-file assessments. These assessments allow organizations to test employees on not just the knowledge but also the hands-on application of skills required.

2020 and 2021 witnessed such a disruption in technology and the way organizations work that companies are now getting back on course and future-proofing their biggest assets – their tech talent pools. In line with such plans, it is important to have a robust system that lets organizations shape teams with the right skill sets. No longer can organizations afford to evaluate employees with off-the-shelf standard assessments. Especially for managing a tech workforce, there is a strong need for customized, real-time, and scenario-based assessments to hire, reskill, and upskill employees.

Speaking about Yaksha’s features, Founder Keshava Raju commented, “Yaksha gives the flexibility to choose the type, form, and even the difficulty level of assessments. With 2 lakhs+ MCQs, 6000+ skill based and 100+ stack-based assessments, Yaksha lets you evaluate candidates on over 60 technologies. Yaksha is developed keeping in mind that assessments don’t work in silos and is an integral part of an employee skilling journey right from day 0. That’s why when we work with clients, we customize the platform the way they want. For example, they can integrate with Learning Platforms for L&D efforts or choose to conduct even say in-person coding interviews for hiring. The possibilities are many. This level of customization is how we helped our partners – from tech and even non-tech spaces, seamlessly manage their talent acquisition and skilling efforts with Yaksha.”

Backed by a robust inhouse engineering team, Yaksha continues to add new assessments and supported technologies to stay in stride with the evolving needs of organizations. With features like proctoring technology, auto graded assessments, single-sign-on, Yaksha has everything and more an organization needs for their end-to-end assessment lifecycle.

Founder Keshava Raju signs off by talking about what’s in store, “Skilling has been redefined by the covid-19 crisis, what it means for most organizations is to manage a fully remote talent management and continuous learning process. TECHADEMY is evolving into a super app/ platform of platforms which strives to engage as a continuous learning partner for tech companies of all sizes across the world. With Yaksha, we aim to bridge the gaps in skill and role fits in regards to talent discovery and talent development.”