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VdoCipher is Powering Video Platforms in More Than 40 Countries by Curbing Piracy

Gurgaon, Haryana, India:

 The number of video platforms is rising continuously since the last 3 years. E-learning businesses, schools, colleges, and movie/web-series platforms all are relying on online distribution and monetization of videos. Video Piracy poses a big risk for anybody who is trying to make money from online premium videos or protect their copyrighted content. An estimated study on video piracy suggests that there are over 110 million users across the globe using video download piracy tools.

VdoCipher Media Solutions, an Indian startup founded by IIT Alumni in 2015 addresses this problem of video piracy helping platforms to protect their video revenues.

  • VdoCipher provides secure video hosting solutions to education and media platforms to ensure highly secure and smooth video playback on their site/app. VdoCipher already serves 2000+ e-learning and media platforms from 40+ countries, covering customers across each of 6 continents. Many large e-learning and media platforms with millions of viewers rely on VdoCipher for security from video piracy.
  • A combination of Hollywood Level video DRM Encryption Security, Dynamic Watermark, Packaged Cloud Hosted & Video player solutions ensure security with ease of integration for businesses. VdoCipher also provides a video dashboard for easy video management.
  • Built for all sizes – VdoCipher considers itself to be globally the first one, to have combined the highest security tech with an easy-to-use packaged offering of the video player and cloud hosting, thus catering to any size of business. A single teacher owning a website to a large EdTech platform with millions of users; everybody can have access to the secure product.
  • VdoCipher offers a free full version trial of the product. 
  • International forums have awarded VdoCipher Solution. European magazine Streaming Media Global ranked VdoCipher as the best video security solution.

Interestingly, the founders started the journey 6 years back while still being students at IIT Delhi. Siddhant (CEO & Co-founder) explains, “As college students, we saw a number of movies and courses being pirated. Vibhav already had experience as a freelancer building cloud-based applications. While doing a course on Coursera on encryption, Vibhav thought of combining encryption with cloud rendered video playback.”

Driving Growth for Customers – VdoCipher has seen impressive year-on-year growth themselves and even most of VdoCipher’s customers have seen their usage & users increase year on year. For instance, it was observed that on an average, customers who started using VdoCipher in 2018 saw annual growth of 81%.

Case Study

VdoCipher is actively looking to partner with LMS (Learning Management System) companies & website/app builders to serve common customers. It has been working with global partners helping such companies enhance their video playback offering.

Explaining the future plan, Siddhant mentions, “We are not just about security as we also have an integrated player and hosting offering. We plan to work and deliver more innovative features on interactive video player, analytics, and live streaming in future.”

Currently a team of 18, VdoCipher is actively hiring currently and will be a team of 30+ by the end of this year.