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Top 6 Homework Helper Apps That Will Save Your Day

Regardless of academic level, teachers will assign homework or assignment from a wide variety of topics. Some tasks will be easy to complete, while others will be hard and require assistance. Parents won’t always be available to assist their kids with homework.

Nevertheless, high school, middle school, and even college students can count on apps to help understand what is expected from the tasks or the simplest ways to find homework solutions. The main issue is that with technology comes wide arrays or applications, making it challenging to sift the bad from the good. To help any student out, we have made the search process easier by compiling the top six homework helper apps.


This app doesn’t require in-app purchases or payment to start using it, making it ideal for students with a tight budget. Answers is also compatible with several operating systems, including iOS and Android. The application is suitable for students looking for quick answers to homework questions ranging from math, biology, chemistry, and history. Answers is also a study app because it contains numerous answered questions that students can read to help understand the correct way to solve them. Subject experts provide homework solutions, and by reading them, you become a better student in your course.

Homework Helper Apps

School Planner

When a student decides to buy essay to comprehend a specific way of writing an academic topic, to avoid landing in the hands of a fraudulent online homework helper, they read reviews such 5 BEST ESSAY WRITING SERVICES REVEALED FOR 2021. By reading reviews, students get to PayforEssay from a professional and get content that gives value for money. To set the day for when to read the essay or numerous other school-related content, use School Planner. This app is free to download and also doesn’t require in-app purchases.

Using the app a student can set a schedule on when to tackle an assignment and set the deadline it might take to complete it. What’s unique about this planner is that it comes with a timetable and calendar that a young scholar can utilize to set when tasks should be completed and allows students to record lectures, which they use to complete homework.


Mathematics and its branches are considered hard courses. But this free homework helper is designed to help make math simpler. It’s user-friendly and makes learning efficient by providing step-by-step guidance on the best way to arrive at an answer. To receive assistance with their math assignment, a young scholar simply needs to upload a clear picture.


The answers provided are intended for learning the correct way to work on math equations or problems, making this app ideal for learners who are stuck with a particular question as well as those that want to understand mathematics better. Apart from supporting numerous math topics, the app also comes with a scientific calculator and interactive graphs.


The app is partly free as it requires some paid features. HwPic is compatible with both Android and iOS. To get homework help using this app, students need to take a clear picture of their homework and upload it to the app. A tutor will then provide an answer. If you are in a hurry and need the answers to a specific assignment fast, a feature on the app allows the user to accelerate the process. The founders discourage cheating by declining to solve questions whose pictures are blurry.


The app uses artificial intelligence to gauge the kind of information a student needs then gives a step-by-step solution to the homework problem. Installing the app is like having a digital tutor that you can contact anytime you need assistance with assignments. From the app learners get solutions to problems in any topic or subject, be it English, math, science, or economics. The app is a great learning tool because it shows color-coded instructions and outputs graphs to assist students to grasp the information better. Socratic is compatible with both iOS and Android. It also churns out answers to handwritten homework inquiries.

Khan Academy

Using the Khan Academy application, a student unlocks a world of education. This educational tool is suitable for students of all ages, including those in kindergarten. The app enhances learning by providing numerous interactive exercises that you can use to understand course concepts or strengthen your skills. The uniqueness of this app is that it offers portable courses on the go, and students have the freedom to download content for offline study. The app is available for students with Android and iOS devices.

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