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Top 10 Best Places to Inspire Yourself to Study

Most students spend a large time of their study outside the classroom. And the best way to start getting better grades is to improve a learning environment. Your study place should inspire you. So, if you feel like you can’t spend more than 10 minutes at the desk in your room and the thought of ‘I don’t want to study’ appears more often in your head, then it is time to make some changes. Also, if you normally study while lying in bed with your laptop, then you might need to rethink this ‘study space’ as well. Let’s take a look at ten best spots that can help you increase your study motivation.

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1. Coffee shops

Coffee shops can really inspire! Imagine how many amazing people you can meet by sitting nearby them at the coffee shops. Coffee shops are always nice. They have a great atmosphere and insanely good music. You can be social, but you can also sit in the corner to hide in with your headphones and concentrate on your study. Also, you can come up with a lot of ideas about how to motivate yourself at the coffee shop. For instance, promise to buy yourself a cupcake when you finish your assignment. Two more words: free Wi-Fi.

2. Library

When you want to do some serious studying, then library is your go-to. Most libraries are quiet, so it is easy to concentrate. You can find lots of cozy chairs, and there is also amazing information access. What is good, if you feel like procrastinating a bit, you can always find something motivational there. Grab some autobiography book and get inspired. Also, you can always find some people who specialize in answering your tough questions.

3. Locations on campus

Studying at the campus can be useful when you are preparing for an exam or doing your homework. You can go to the lab to do your homework, and there will always be some tutors available to answer all of your questions.

4. Park

There are lots of students in the parks, especially during the time of examinations. There is a sun on your shoulders, wind rustling through leaves and chirping birds. Take yourself to the park for a study session. There is nothing more inspiring than this.

5. Study hubs

They always have a lot of different resources to assist you with your studies, range of books and access to IT resources. You can simply borrow a laptop to finish your paper, or if you don’t have time to finish it yourself, then look at here what you can do. Study Hubs can usually provide you with access to any of the audio and visual resources.

6. Bookstore

Hundreds of books are available to you if you are looking for an answer on how to improve self motivation. Bookstores aren’t usually crowded, so you can always find some peace and silence there.

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7. Your friend’s house

You can work with someone else who shares the same goals. You can always ask your friend some questions about the homework you might not understand. By studying with a friend, you can gain more motivation.

8. Beach

Read an article for one of your classes before heading into the water! Warm sand under your feet and the sun is shining. Isn’t it a perfect place for studying?

9. Garden

Studying in the garden is as good as a holiday! Well, almost. You can lie on the grass, enjoy the nice weather while reading a book for your literature class. Don’t forget to take some snacks

10. Your own room

Make your study space at home a place where you will actually enjoy sitting. Remember that natural light will help to keep you concentrated. The study area should be quiet and clear of distractions. Put some photos of top universities for a study inspiration.

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There are lots of good places that will keep you motivated and inspire you to study. While choosing one don’t forget to consider its comfort, noise levels, and information access.